Many of you asked how I did our plants for our dollhouse.

And really, it’s very easy! I’m not the type of DIY-er who takes a lot of time and effort to create something (that would be crafters and my husband) – i’m all for quick and cheap solutions that would add quality to our home.

Are you ready to find out?

It’s simple, really.

All I needed were the following:

  • small pots (I got these from Taiwan and have not found this size of pots in our plant stores, BUT, they do sell relatively small pots for a very cheap price – so visit a plant store and look for small pots)
  • fresh clay
  • dried plants

That’s all.

We didn’t have brown clay, so I mixed what we had until it became brown. And as for the plants, I realized that if you want real plants for your home but you don’t have enough sunlight in the spots where you want your plants to be, the answer is really just going for dried plants. They look so nice and they last long (or until your toddler crumples the leaves, haha).

Just put the clay on the pot. Since it’s fresh, it will just take the shape of the pot. Then decorate it with your dried plants. This is a great activity you can do with your toddler.

Once you’re done, place it in your intended space and it will eventually dry up.

That’s it – real and pretty plants for a very cheap price and really quick and easy DIY work. Best of all, I honestly think it even looks better than the store-bought plastic plants!

Hope you learned something today. Would love to hear your tips, too!



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