When I posted about applying for my son’s passport, I got so many questions, so I’m sharing our experience here!

We booked a long-haul flight for March 2017, and I gave birth late October 2016. I have about 4 months to complete both a passport and a visa.

With this in mind, we decided to work on our son’s City Hall Civil Registrar Copy (aka Certified True Copy/CTC of city hall’s birth records) on our own. The day after I gave birth, the hospital released their form for us and we had it submitted to the City Hall (must be the same as the city of your hospital). Two days later, we had our copy.

The City Hall passed the CTC to the Philippine Statistics Authority (aka PSA which is formerly and more known as NSO). I was told you can also process this on your own, but too late, our City Hall already passed it to PSA when we asked for it.

We waited for about a month for PSA to release the birth certificate, the kind that would be accepted by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA – the agency you go to apply for a passport). The minute we got his passport, we prepared for our trip to the nearest DFA office from our home – SM Megamall.

PS: I read in a Facebook Group that if you need a passport for your little one asap and NSO/PSA takes a while, you can also request for a “Birth certificate with NSO transmittal/ Security Paper (SECPA)” from the City Hall and you can use this for the passport application. I am not sure if all city halls grant this, so just ask to be sure.


  • Personal Appearance (no confirmed appointment needed)
  • Duly Accomplished Application Form (download HERE and print in A4 paper – do not sign it yet!)
  • Birth Certificate issued by the PSA/ Birth Certificate issued by the Local Civil Registrar AND duly authenticated by the PSA
  • Personal appearance of either parent and valid passports of BOTH parents if the child is legitimate, valid passport of the mother if the child is illegitimate.
  • Marriage Certificate of minor’s parents duly authenticated by PSA (for legitimate child)
  • Original and photocopy of valid passport of the person traveling with the minor


  • Transcribed Birth Certificate from the LCR is required when entries in PSA Birth Certificate are blurred or unreadable.
  • Report of Birth duly authenticated by PSA is required if minor was born abroad


DFA – SM Megamall opens at 10:00 AM. Since we had no confirmed appointment, we went there early. A courtesy lane is provided for infants, senior citizens, pregnant women, and PWDs. (For a complete list of other persons that may avail the courtesy lane, click HERE).

When we got in, there wasn’t a long line (confirmed appointments make it much more systematic, yey!). After passing our requirements and paying at the counter (we got the express one which cost us PHP 1200), our son was asked to go to Window #18 – the window for infants! When he was called, they prepared a makeshift bed for him so that they could take his photo! I must commend the people who take photos of the babies there — so much patience is needed for a day, I can imagine! I mean, it took a while before they got a decent shot of my son, most especially because he kept following the moving camera (the one attending to him kept moving it to look for an angle). We woke him up for the photo, too, which made him cranky and we had to wait for him to stop crying. I’m sure we’re not the first case – so, kudos to the Window #18 team! You guys rock! Woohoo!

After his photo was taken, I (as the mother) was asked to sign for him, double check the details on his passport (they fill it up there and then and ask you to take a look!), and that’s it! Since we opted to have our passports delivered via  courier (rather than pick-up), we were asked to pass by the courier section, give our shipping details, receive our waybill/tracking copy, and then we were out!

This took about an hour or less! Yes, that easy!

We applied for his passport on December 02, 2016 (he was 1 month and 1 week old), and received it on December 20, 2016. Please take note that some things may have changed already, so it’s still best to check their website and call their hotline for specific inquiries.

Next step now, his VISA. Good luck to us!


Here are some questions I had and some people asked me on Instagram. Sharing this, too!

1. Do you need to schedule an appointment online for babies?
No. Infants (according to DFA’s website, up to 1 year old, but in DFA Megamall, I remember seeing up to 18 months for the priority pass – just double check with DFA if you’re baby is 1 year or more) do not need to schedule an appointment. You can do walk-in.

EDIT: From what I heard, rules have been changed now. You can still do walk-in for your infant’s application, but they only have a certain number of walk-in applicants accepted per day, so if you do not make it to the cut, you will not be entertained. For this reason, I recommend scheduling instead. Also, for walk-ins, I think they have changed the rate to the express rate instead of the regular rate automatically regardless of the applicant’s age and/or status.

2. How many adults can apply together with the infant without scheduling an appointment?
One per infant/ priority. One adult may ride with the infant’s priority pass. I actually did this because I finally changed my passport to my married name (blog about it HERE).

3. Can both parents accompany the infant during application?

4. Do I need to print the DFA Application Form?
Well, if you don’t have it, they will provide it for you. Given you’re going with an infant though, you want to be out as fast as possible. I suggest you work on this already even before going there.

5. Do I need to bring a ballpen?
Yes. Black ink, please.

6. Do I need to bring a passport photo of my baby?
No. They will take your baby’s photo.

7. Should I dress my baby with a collared top?
No need. Any decent top will do. No sleeveless allowed, though.

8. I need to apply for my baby’s passport asap. Will the certificate from the hospital do? How about the one from the City Hall (Local Civil Registrar)?
Unfortunately, no. You really need one that is from PSA or duly authenticated by the PSA. Usually, most especially if you let the hospitals do all the work for you, it takes about 6 months for you to get your baby’s birth certificate. If you need it before that, it’s best to ask your hospital how you can make the process faster (tip: just tell them you will do it on your own), and then personally process it with both the City Hall and the PSA. You may ask PSA if you can order online, AND, if they offer express release should you need one asap. Lesson here though: do not schedule an international trip until your baby is about 2.5 or 3 months just to be on the safe side, because getting a copy from the PSA can take a while.

PS: I read in a Facebook Group that if you need a passport for your little one asap and NSO/PSA takes a while, you can also request for a “Birth certificate with NSO transmittal/ Security Paper (SECPA)” from the City Hall and you can use this for the passport application. I am not sure if all city halls grant this, so just ask to be sure. However, just to note also, when I asked the people at DFA if they really need the NSO/PSA copy, they said yes. So I am not so sure, but it won’t hurt to ask the city hall and call DFA to clarify, too!

9. How many years is the validity for passport of infants?
Just like adults – 5 years. Yes, the photo remains the same.

EDIT: Adults get 10 years validity for passports now. Children 7 and below still get a shorter time period of 5 years (because of facial changes, I believe).

10. Can you apply at a DFA Satellite Office, or does it have to be at their main branch?
In Metro Manila, DFA has 4 satellite offices: NCR-WEST (SM Manila) / NCR-Central (Robinsons Galleria) / NCR-East (SM Megamall)/ NCR-South (Metro Mall Alabang). We applied in SM Megamall, so yes, you can definitely apply at a satellite office!

That’s it! Hope I was able to help.

However, I do need to make a disclaimer here: I am not working for the DFA nor PSA, and their requirements may change. Always check THIS should there be changes in the passport requirements. If you have more questions after reading this, I most probably can no longer answer you, sorry! This is all I know for now, so it’s best to inquire with the DFA directly from here on.

Happy trip!

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  1. Hi, good day,

    May I ask if there is any requirement for Affidavit document to apply for the baby’s passport? Ive just read from other blogs that, there is such requirement for that, I just want to make sure since your transaction is just recently.

    1. I just process my 2 yr old daughter a phil passport in DFA CEBU and no need for apppointment you can just walk in, and yes you can renew your passport the same time you are applyinh for your baby’s passport.

  2. Hi! I’m planning to change my passport to my married surname together with my baby I hope that you will post the process as well. 🙂

    1. As written in the blogpost, 1 adult may ride with the priority pass with the baby. If both of you apply with the baby, you need to set an appointment.

  3. hi mommy..just want to ask, I need to process my baby’s passport but it says there i will also need an NSO copy of our marriage cert.with my hubby, the prob is I don’t have an NSO copy yet since lack of knowledge about marrying an expat so late registration also means time consuming and he has to have a passport..anyway mommy to cut the story..will it be possible for me to get his passport without the marriage cert.?my passport is still my maiden name written on.We just need to have his passport to visit his sick Grandfather. Thanks for the info mommy 🙂

  4. Great blog you got here! Just need to ask, when you finally got your son’s PSA birth certificate, what process did you have to go through? I believe PSA/NSO online application doesn’t let you apply earlier than 3months from date of birth so how did you get his in about a month from birth? Was hoping to get my son’s ASAP too. Thanks!

  5. Hello, un po bang documents from NSO/PSA acquired from last year pde pa gamitin this year or dapat mgrequest ulit ng bago? Thanks!

  6. Hi! Thanks for sharing your experience.

    I’m going to apply for my son’s (6months old) passport. I learned that we don’t need to schedule appointment with dfa and one adult can apply together with the infant. Would this be applicabe if my first born (6years old) will renew passport together with new application of my 6 months baby? (I guess so, right?) thank you.

  7. Hi Mommy Paula, very helpful blog you got here! I just want to ask if what form did you used to renew your passport since you did not set an appointment? Was it the same form you posted on this blog? if not where did you got it? Thank You! 😉

  8. How can i apply my daughter’s passport(she’s 2 years old now ) if she doesn’t have father’s information in her birth certificate, because Im a single mom. hoping for your response .

  9. Hi, you mentioned above na passport ng BOTH parents kailangan during the application pano kung wala sa Pinas yung isa parents? a copy of passport will do or kahit isa lang sa magulang ang magdala ng passport? Thank you.

  10. Hi! Does the marriage certificate of the parents have to have been issued in the last six(6) months?

    1. Kung sino po kasama si baby, yun lang po hahanapan ng passport. Hubby ko nasa abroad hindi na hinanap passport nya

  11. Hi Maam Paula. I’m gladys ask ko lang po kung yung marriage certificate sa requirements for the babies passport eh kailangan original po o okay lang photocopy? Isa lang kasi original copy ko ng MC pero sabay sana ako pagupdate with my son. Thanks.

  12. Please i want apply passport for my daughter? how long taken? and how much will paying for baby passport?thanks

  13. Hi Ms. Paula! I am planning to get my 8month old baby a passport too. As I have read with the requirements you’ve posted, one of this is valid passports of BOTH parents if the child is legitimate. My husband is working abroad as of the moment. My question is, will I still be able to apply for my child if I wont be able to present my husband’s passport? Do I have to present the original passport or a scanned copy of his passport will suffice?

  14. Same question as Claire here. How did you get your son’s NSO birth cert? Gave birth last April so does that mean NSO birth cert is available already? :))

  15. Good day!!! I want to apply a renwal of my passport at the same time i want to apply mg kids a passport…is it ok if only 1 parent will accompanied to husband is a ofw he cannot attend….thanks..

    1. Same question. Kasi when I inquired about getting my baby’s PSA kasi CTC palang ang meron ako. 6months pa bago makakuha. I gave birth last April too.

  16. Good day!!! I want to apply a renwal of my passport at the same time i want to apply mg kids a passport…is it ok if only 1 parent will accompanied to husband is a ofw he cannot attend….thanks..

  17. Hi asked ko lang pwede ko bng gamitin ung CTC ng marriage contract ung galing sa city ha ? or do i really need the NSO .i got married last june

    Second . My baby was born b4 i married her father. Maituturing ba syang illegitimate ?..

  18. hello po .. pareho kami ng father ng anak na andito sa abroad tas plan nmn pakuhanan nmn ng passport si baby kasama kapatid ko ano po mga requirments.?

      1. Hello po ask ko lang my baby is turning 4months i get psa pero negative pa ung result ni baby ibg sabhin wala pa xia record sa nso eh ask ko lang ano at saan ko po ba pwede kuhanin ung CTC by B.C duly authenticated by nso.. un po kc ung remarks sakin sa dfa aseana mejo naguguluhan po kc ako eh ska ung psa ko po na hawak na negative pwede ko na po ba un ipasa sa dfa? or papatatakan ko pa po un sa civil registar dito samin?

  19. hi Mommy. wla pa kasi akong passport. gusto ko sanang sumabay sa pagkuha ng passpprt sa anak ko 6months old. pede kaya un? para sabay na lang po kami kumuha?

    my nabasa po ksi akong hindi daw pede kumuha ang baby or anak mo ng passport pag ang parents or mother wla pang passport. Dapat daw may passport ang Nanay.
    Is that true po kya?
    Thank you Mommy. God Bless

  20. Hi! Ask ko lang if pano kung di kami married ng partner ko and kukuha ako ng passport for our baby anong kailangan dalhin? Naka apelyido sya sa partner ko. Need pa ba ng affidavit? Thanks.

  21. hello po..for clarification lang po. my daughter she will be turning 1 dis coming november but gsto ko po iaplay ng passport.need po ba ng online appointment!? anu po requirements..

  22. hi, nice blog you got, ask ko lang ung isang requirement kc for babies as based from dfa website ay Document of identity with photo… and based sa blog mo hndi ko nabasa na nagsubmit ka nun…if the baby is still 3mos, need na ba un document of identity with photo?

  23. Hi! Single dad here, my 3yo daughter is under my custody, May nakaexperience na po dito na tatay ang kukuha ng passport ng baby?(single parent). I hope may makasagot ng tanong. TIA

  24. Ask q lng po, anu po b kelangan pagkuha ng passport if ung is 4 months lang then ung parents is hndi kasal at ndi gamit ng baby ung surname nung father..

  25. Hi, can I confirm kasi based sa requirement valid passport of BOTH parents is required. My husband will not be in PH that time, so it’s only me who can accompany the baby. Are they accepting photocopy of Father’s passport Only?

  26. Hello, plan po sana namin ikuha ang two years old son ko ng passport, but ang kasama nya is father no passport also, plan manguha ng passport na din, need pa po ba ng appointment ni 2yo thanks.

  27. Hello! Magkaka problem ba if age of my son on passport application is 7 months pero ang travel namin ay 1yr and 2 months na siya? Thank you in advance po sa sasagot.

  28. Hello, I plan to get a passport. But, my single maiden name in the birth certificate is different in my marriage certificate. Do I need to correct first my marriage certificate before I can proceed to get my passport? Please advise.

  29. Hi! Pwede ba kahit more than a year na nakuha ’yong Birth Certificate ng anak ko at marriage certificate namin from NSO? May nakapagsabi sa kasi na kapag more than a year na na-issue expired na. Thank you!

  30. •Personal appearance of either parent and valid passports of BOTH parents if the child is legitimate
    – how about if hubby is in abroad? no copies of his passport left? will only mine be accepted?

  31. Yung passport po ng husband ko nasa kanya chinese po kase sya so nasa barko po sya nagtatrabaho pwede po ba yung kahit scan ng passport nya? kasal po kami.

  32. Hi ask ko lang po ok lang po ba yung sa passport ko nakalagay ang last name ko ay pagkadalaga pa.tapos yung aa baby ko sa papa nya pero kasal po kame ano po kaya hingiin nila pag ganun salamat po

    1. If you’re legally married, the DFA will assume that the infant will get the last name of the father. You can renew your passport to change your name and status, but unless it’s expiring, there’s no need for this right away.

  33. Tanong ko lang po kung pwede yung scan ng passport ng asawa ko kasi po seaman po sya kaya passport ko lang narito sa akin.Makakakuha pa din po ba ako ng passport ng baby ko kahit wala yung passport ng asawa ko?

  34. Hi joy here.. is it necessary to fill up the application form computerized or hand written will do?? Thanks

  35. Hi po pano po kung hindi kasal ang both parent. Pwdi parin ba makakuha ng passport ang baby? At hindi po ba pwdi live birth dapat po talaga PSA/NSO?

  36. Hi! Is it possible to get passport kids (10,7, turning 3months old baby) together? Need pa po ba ng appointment?

    1. Since you are going with 3, I suggest getting an appointment. Also, courtesy lane is only for 7 years old below, so your 10 year old definitely needs to be scheduled. Might as well schedule for all.

  37. Hello. Yung adult na magriride sa infant for application, required ba na parent or relative? Or okay lang kahit hindi?

  38. Hello ask ko lang po kung pwde ako kukuha ng passport for my 3months old baby. Ano po ang requirments na pwde ko dalhin
    I already have my passport and my fiance also. ThAnk you

    1. Hi. Good question. Not sure cause we chose the courier option, but you can always ask that once you’re already there for application.

  39. Hi!working kmi ng husband ko dito sa dubai but sa pinas ako manganganak, yung husband ko wala siya sa panganak ko, ok lng ba wala siya signature sa birthcertificateng baby?plan din kse nmi siya dalhin dito sa dubai, kpag ng apply ba kmi ng passport ng baby need ba my signature ng fathersa birth certificate?thanks!

  40. Plan ko kumuha ng passport pra sa anak ko once nailabas na cya…
    Wala po kc ang asawa ko d2 nsa ibang bansa Pde kaya na ako lang lalakad ng passport pra sa anak nmin ano ang mga requirements na kelangan pra sa bata kung wala ang tatay for appearance

  41. Very informative post, thanks!

    Just curious about the requirement that BOTH parent’s passports are needed; what would happen if one of the parents lives/works in another country (in which case, surely the passport will be with him/her abroad)?

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