In this blogpost, I shared how we applied for a passport for our son when he was two months old. Because he had a priority pass (no appointment needed) and one adult can ride with this pass, I decided to have my passport changed to my married name, too (we’ve been married for almost 4 years, after all, haha!).

So, if you are changing your Philippine Passport from your maiden name to your married name here in the Philippines, you first have to set an appointment HERE.

Once your schedule is set, here are the documents you need to bring:

  • Confirmed Appointment
  • Duly Accomplished Application Form (download HERE and print in A4 paper – do not sign it yet!)
  • Recent/ Expiring Passport
  • Acceptable IDs at least one (1): for Brown, Green and MRP (without IC Chip logo).
  • Additional Passport Requirements may be needed depending on your kind of passport (Brown/ Green/ MRP/ E-Passport) – to check them, click HERE
  • Passport Fee (PHP 950 for regular – 15 working days | PHP 1200 for express – 7 working days)
  • Delivery Fee (if you would rather have your passport delivered at your doorstep. Pickup option is also available)


  • Marriage Contract (MC) in Security Paper (SECPA) issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) or Certified True Copy (CTC) of MC issued by the Local Civil Registrar (LCR) and duly authenticated by PSA
  • If entries are blurred or unreadable, submit Transcribed Marriage Contract from the LCR
  • If married abroad, Report of Marriage duly authenticated by PSA
  • Original and photocopy of Commission of Filipino Overseas (CFO) Guidance and Counseling Certificate of Attendance (required ONLY for women with foreign national husband married in the Philippines)


Since I did my passport name change when I applied for a passport for my infant, it was pretty easy! I did not have to set an appointment and just headed straight to the Department of Foreign Affairs’ Satellite Office in SM Megamall. We went there before 10:00 AM and we were out in an hour.

After paying the passport fee (we chose the express since my son still had to apply for a visa), we were asked to wait by the windows for our turn. Infants have a separate window, but the waiting area is just the same area. When my son was done with his application, they called me, took my photo, asked me to do an e-signature, and then asked me to review all the details of my new passport.

Before heading out, we passed by the courier station because we chose to have our passports delivered to our house instead of going back to pick it up. Just a note though, even though we applied together, our new passports were sent separately. I received mine a day before my son’s passport arrived, and because it was December (aka Christmas season) when we applied, we got our passports a little past the 7 working days express fee we paid for.

Overall, it was really quick and easy. If you’re going to set an appointment, I highly suggest you set the earliest time possible so there’s no clog up at the lines for the day! Have fun, MRS. 🙂


Here are some questions I had for myself. Sharing this, too!

1. Can I change my passport to my married name even if my passport is not yet expiring?
Yes, you can!

2. If my passport is not yet expiring and I decide to change just because of my name, will there be a discounted rate for the passport fee?
Unfortunately, no. It’s just like renewing your passport. Same fees apply.

3. I have valid visas under my maiden name. If I change my passport to my married name, should I change my valid visas, too?
No need, fortunately! All you have to do is bring an original copy of your marriage certificate (authenticated by NSO/PSA) every time you travel to countries where your visa is still under your maiden name.

4. I just got married. Do I really need to change to my married name? Is this required by the law?
No. You can keep your maiden name if you like, even for your next passport application. You do need to inform them of your new status (married) on your next application, though.

5. Can I get a copy of my Marriage Certificate online?
Certainly. Just go HERE to process your request.

6. Do I need to bring a passport photo?
No need, they will take your photo there.

7. Do I need to bring a pen?
Yes. Black ink, please.

8. Do I have to wear a collared top?
I was not able to verify this, but I just wore a collared top, anyway! Sleeveless is not allowed. If you’re wearing earrings, hair accessories, and/or eyeglasses, they will ask you to take them off during the picture taking.

9. Can I smile for my photo?
YES! YES! YES! They just won’t allow you to show your teeth, but yes! The Mona Lisa smile is recommended according to them, haha! More information HERE.

EDIT: Here are follow-up questions I got here on the blog and on Instagram. Sharing, too!

1. What if I booked a flight under my maiden name but then I’ll change my passport to my married name before our trip, will the airline accept this?

Certainly. This sort of happened to me twice – only the other way around. I booked a trip to Dubai via Cebu Pacific under my married name, but my passport was still under my maiden name. I called the airline and they just told me to email them my marriage certificate. The change was done in less than an hour. Great job for this airline in this aspect. And then, while booking for our trip to the US this March via Philippine Airlines, my husband put in my married name, but again, my passport is still under my maiden name. We called, and well, unlike the more-online friendly Cebu Pacific, they can adjust the ticket, but we have to visit their physical office. This is actually why I finally decided to change my passport to my married name even though it’s not expiring yet.

2. What is the difference between PSA and NSO?

Nothing. PSA (Philippine Statistics Authority) is the new name of what we more know as NSO. 

3. I recently got married but my passport is valid until 2020. Is it okay not to have my name in the passport changed yet just to maximize its validity? Also, I already changed all my financial documents and most of my identifications (including my details for my income tax and office ID) to my married name. Will this cause any problem when I apply for visa say I have to submit my passport (with my maiden name) and my financial documents and employment certificates (with my married name)?

My situation was like that for almost four years. I changed everything but my passport when I got married exactly because I wanted to maximize validity, too (I just renewed a few months prior our wedding). After all, it means paying in full again just to change names! I never had a problem, I just always kept a copy of our marriage certificate handy! 

Hope this was helpful to you! 

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  1. Hi paula. I recently got married but my passport is valid until 2020. Is it ok not to have my name in the passport changed yet just to maximize its validity? Also i already changed all my financial documents and most of my identifications (including my details for my income tax and office id) to my married name. Will this cause any problem when I apply for visa say I have to submit my passport (with my maiden name) and my financial docs and employment certificates (with my married name)?

    1. Hi Jessica. My situation was like that until this year. I changed everything but my passport when I got married exactly because I wanted to maximize validity, too (I just renewed a few months prior our wedding). I never had a problem, I just always kept a copy of our marriage certificate handy! 🙂 Hope this helps!

        1. Hi Paula,

          I also want to maximize the validity of my passport as it expires on 2021. However, the visa form asks for my marital status details. Will it be ok to fill out the details even if the status on my passport is still single? Won’t it have any conflict on visa approval?

        2. Hi Jessica, have you tried travelling with your passport unchanged to MARRIED? we have the same situation. I just got married december 2016, and my passport is valid until 2021.. until now i have not changed any of my records because Negative pa yung record ng marriage cert namin sa PSA.

          1. Hi Paula , i like your blog its very helpful. But i just want to ask if its okay to have only marriage certificate from psa for changing my passport status to married ?

    2. Hi! I just got married last december 2016, and my daughter was born on May on that same year. I still dont have any valid ID’s that has my new surname. Only marriage certificate i have but not yet the NSO one. So Im planning to get my daughter a passport then at the same time change my status. What ID I can bring since only TIN i have at the moment. And do you have idea about that CFO? My husban is a foreigner but we got married here. Thanks a lot and Godbless.

  2. Good day! I really like your blog, how can I follow you? I cant find any subscription button. I might be too stupid not to see it!

    1. Hi Glenda. Thank you for this! I don’t have a subscription button yet, but I’m flattered someone wants to subscribe! 🙂 Thank you for asking!

  3. Hi! Thanks for this! Just a question, when filling up the online form, last name should be my maiden name or my new married name? Thanks!

  4. I went to DFA Alabang last week. They didn’t allow me to ‘ride’ with my baby. I need to have an appointment first. They only allowed my baby to apply for passport but didnt allow me to update my name to married name. Bakit ganon? 🙁

    1. Really? But DFA Megamall was the one who answered me that one adult may ride with the priority pass. Thanks for sharing your experience. I guess DFA needs to fix their standards. :/

      1. hi maam good day,

        im planning to do the same gusto ko po sanang mag change status at passport baby i have to set appointment?

        bakit ung iba pinayagan possoble kya sa alimall cubao ako…

        thank you for idea maam.

    2. hi mam such a helpful blog… i also put my maiden name in the online application form.. but my valid id’s are already in my new married name… like my NEW postal ID and SSS would it still be acceptable

    1. Same here Went yesterday to DFA Alabang and I was not allowed to ride withmy baby’s priority pass. Agree with mommy paula that they should have a standard.

  5. Hi Paola! What number did you use yo call DFA Megamall? I went to DFA Alabang and same with your other reader, they didn’t allow me to process my name change with my baby’s application.

  6. I went to the nearest branch of dfa in our province which is Gensan for appointment. I have all my documents required. When i was there at the information desk she checked my document.She did not accept my document, a certified tue copy of marriage certificate issued by LCR which infact it was stated that it is acceptable requirement DFA website.she insisted that she can only accept a marriage certificate from PSA… in my case, i am recently married and i cant request a Marriage Certifictae from PSA because they will only allow to issue after atleast 3 months from your marriage date. I want to freak out at her because in short i just wasted my time and money. When i got home, i checked again the list of requirements and im pretty sure of what i read. But then i tried to request from psa but i cant… i dont know how can i change my passport name into my new surname .can please somebody give an advice what to do?

    1. Hi Frances,

      We have the same situation. I just registered my Certificate of Marriage which means I don’t have an NSO issued certificate yet. I haven’t applied yet and its good that I read your comment. I’ll try also and will let you know.

      Btw, you should have printed a screenshot of the requirements page in their website as proof you just followed the requirements. Meantime, I’ll do that also just in case.

    2. Hi Frances, you can go to the LCR and ask for early endorsement. They call it, transmittal, too. Then after that bring their letter and your receipt to the PSA office. After a few days, PSA will give you a true copy of your Marriage certificate. I got married in May and got my MC from PSA in June so about a month. 🙂

    3. Frances, we had a similar problem – but they said we had to wait 6 months before they would have a record of our Marriage Certificate.

      What we did is take our ORIGINAL Marriage Certificate to the NSO office, and they then took a copy of that.
      Then it took them 6 weeks, to process it and get us back a Certified copy (of which the copy was very poor and only half readable).
      But that was then acceptable.

      Still took 6 weeks, and lots of back and forth, but much quicker in the long run.

  7. Hi Ms. Paula, question: (newly wed)what if all your valid IDs are still under your maiden name since you don’t have ample time to accomplish new government IDs(since most will take time) and your trip is less than 2 months after the wedding? Shall I accomplish a new id under my married name (easiest will be postal id) I want to change my passport before the flight since It will involve a visit visa and I don’t want to put a wrong information about my marital status that may affect my next visa applications. Thank you

  8. I love your blog! Its so informative! Very helpful for a newbie mom like me! Thank you for sharing! Keep up the good work:) God bless!

  9. Hi Paula! Thanks for this blog and the other one about getting a passport for your new born 🙂 I have a question about the Valid IDs – Did you present IDs in your maiden name or married name? Because I only have Govt IDs in my maiden name. I haven’t changed them yet and I need to apply for a new passport (with my married name) ASAP. Thanks!

  10. Hello Frances,

    Just got word from a friend (his tita is the Civil Registrar in Baguio) that the certified true copy of your Certificate of Marriage you got from Civil registry (since NSO cannot provide yet) needs to be authenticated in any NSO office for DFA to accept it. It needs to stamped by them.

    I’ll do it and will update you guy.

  11. Hi! My passport is valid until December of 2019, but I am planning to change my name in my passport for immigration purposes. If I change my name on my passport this 2017, is the validity of my passport still until Dec 2019 or will it change?

  12. Hi, THanks for your blog on this, it’s really helpful. I’d like to ask, do we put our married name as our surname already on the passport application, if we’re changing our passport to our married name? Also, does the address have to be the same as in our old passport? What if we’ve changed address, does that need another application too? Thanks so much!

  13. Hi!i want to ask can i change my passport from married to single even without legal separation? Me and my husband are already separated 7 years ago and no communication at all is it possible? Thank you….

  14. My son and daughter in law were married in the Philippines last Sept. 2016. Currently they are both in Bahrain and they plan to change their passport from single to married.

    We want to hear from you the exact requirements needed before we go to the Philippine Embassy Bahrain.

    Is the NSO marriage certicate is required?
    Is the Red Ribbon needed?

    Please reply to me urgently.

    More power and God bless us all.

    Thanking you in advance.

    Please reply to my e-mail:

  15. Hi.. Gusto ko sana mag apply ng passport using my maiden name will they allow me? I am married but separated 14 years ago but all my id are change to my married name already is there a chance? Thank you… God Bless!:)

  16. Hi,
    Your blog is a great help for me trying to change my name in my passport. I would like to clarify this requirement “Original and photocopy of Commission of Filipino Overseas (CFO) Guidance and Counseling Certificate of Attendance (required ONLY for women with foreign national husband married in the Philippines)” any idea how I can get this?

  17. Hello,

    I am about to renew my passport and change my status to married next month. Am I required to bring my birth certificate aside from the marriage license? Or will the marriage license be sufficient? Thank you

  18. This blog is giving all the help i need! Thanks a lot for putting the effort to give information especially your experience. And the questions for yourself that you also answered are of great help, indeed because those are my questions for myself too. Lol thanks!

  19. Hi! I got married this month and I’ve decided to update my passport and change it into my married name. My husband is now a U.S. Citizen and we got married here in the Philippines. Do I need to attend the seminar or what so called CFO before renewing my passport? Thank you so much.

  20. Hi Paula. have you tried applying korean/japanese/US visas when you had your single status passport as a married woman? any issues or problems in the application? is it enough to have MC?
    I am married for almost 2 years now and i am maximizing my passport validity (2019) while my office, BIR, Philhealth records are already updated. but i still have my single status UMID and bank records. 🙂

    1. I did not schedule any appointment because I rode with my baby’s priority pass – no appointment needed for babies. However, I think it can fall under renewal. 🙂

  21. hi..just want to ask..since we only got married last January 2017,exactly 6 months today and i want to change my passport’s name from maiden to married. the problem is, all my valid/government issued id’s are still under my maiden name.can i still used them to present as a requirement for my renewal?thank you in advance…

  22. Hi, ask ko lng if kinukuha yung original marriage certificate pag aapply ng passport ni baby? Thank you! Very helpful post sakin ngayon to. As in!

    1. Hi Anna. If I remember correctly, no, binalik samin. But I can’t guarantee this kasi di ko narin masyadong maalala hehe 🙂

  23. Hi! Jusf finished applying for baby and mine’s passort (mine’s po is for surname change due to marriage) at dfa sout alabang. They allow me na sumabay kay baby. Kinausap ko lng yung nasa information. Yesterday nagtanong ako sa guard sa 3rd level of gaizano mall, sabi nya hindi daw pwede maki ride kay baby but kinausap ko sa information kanina sa taas at yun nga pumapayag naman daw sila. Maybe it depends din sa age ng baby kasi panay tanong sila ng age ni baby habang nag uusap kami. 4 months old po sya. Just sharing po. Anyway, original birth certificate (psa) yung kay baby and copy ng marriage certificate. Pinaattach na rin po passport copy namin ni hubby. Then yung sakin original marriage certificate and copy of old passport ko. Then, bilis lng po process, wala pa 30mins.

  24. Hello
    Im married already but have my passport using my maiden name. If im going to travel abroad do i still need to get cfo certificate?? Is using my maiden name on my passport will affect me getting visa even do i didnt change all of my documents yet?? Thank you

  25. Hi i neED to get pasSPORT for my soN and you said that my pasSPORt is oNe of the requirement to get my soN’s pasSPOrt. IS it okay that my pasSPORT is still undEr my maidEn name? And lastly if i would go to travel the immigratioN officer cAn allow to travel with my family .thanks aot

  26. Hi po!

    I recently got married in Jul this year with my Irish fiance. My passport is about to expire this December and I’m thinking of renewing it. Do i really NEED to change my civil status from single to married? Is there any legal repercussion if I don’t? Also, I looked at DFA’s site and it says I need a CFO cert for merely changing my civil status, is that true? Ang alam ko kasi pag nag change lang ng name to my foreign husband’s name required ang CFO. Please help. I badly need your advice. Thanks

  27. hi, i just want to ask. we are both filipino and we got married in the Philippines last May 2017. i just want to confirm if we really need a red ribbon marriage certificate to present upon renewing our passport here in Dubai? or the PSA copy is ok?

  28. Hi! I want to change my passport from single-married. Ask ko Lang if tatanggapin ba ng dfa yong ids ko kahit maiden name ko pa ang nakalagay dun?

  29. Hi .ask ko lang po my passport valid until 2019 but i need to change status . Ano po ang gagawin ko .? Magfill up ng appointment for renewal and then ilalagay ko na po ba dun ung married name and status married na po o yung single status pren and maiden name ang ilalagay ko .

  30. Hi Paula & everyone on this site..Good day! Just want to ask, anyone has idea in applying Japan Tourist Visa. I’m also married but on my passport I’m still using my maiden name. I have an existing working visa in PNG. We’re planning to take a vacation on December to Japan before going to Pinas. Just got our MC this month. Maybe, next month we’re going to lodge our application for Japan visa. Do I need to declare that I’m married on my application or as if I’m still single with my passport. Btw, travelling with my hubby. If I’m going to declare on myJapan Visa application that I’m married it won’t affect my existing working visa..?
    Kindly advise, thanks.

  31. Hi. I love your blog its very helpful. I just have few concerns. Do i need to get a CFO for changing my status? And if yes, how? Is it okay to use IDs with my maiden name? To fill up the form, should i use my maiden infos or the married? Hope u can help. Thanks.

  32. Hi. magchange ako ng civil status from single to married.Kailangan ko pa ba kumuha ng cfo certificate kahit sa japan ako kinasal?
    Thank you

  33. We are having trouble arranging an appointment in cebu for CFO, we do all the online information correctly, try to submit and another page says error wont go through, tries 8 times same thing, rang them 10 times , dont seem to want to help us, emailed them , no reply , email Manila DFA, CFO , same thing dont reply, Getting frustrated, can I just leave my maiden name on passport when I renew Next month, Fed up with system here, Thinking of writing to Dueterte. can you help, have other people had problems with Cebu?

  34. I was married in the Philippines , but no I never used my husband last name , still using my maiden name on my passport and never change my status. I need to renew again can I still used my maiden name but put Married under Status ? If I put married do I need to put my husband name ? Or just keep put Single status ? I want to keep my maiden name but married status . I’m afraid if I put my husband name they might change my Passport with my husband last name 🙁 please advise . Thanks

  35. Hello Ma’am, I have only some clarifications about my passport, i wanted to change my single name to married name with my foreign husband since i will have to attend CFO seminar in manila at first. My passport will expired on 2019, but i want to change it as much as possible before expiration or maybe it is possible to get a new passport or only i will renew it? Now I’m using my new signature with my new ID’s. Hoping to hear from you immediately.
    Thank you so much.

  36. hi sis, ask ko lng if yung pamangkin ko po mag use ng priority lane for pwd pede din ba makisabay?? iaalowed ba nila yun for change name din due to marriage?? thanks 🙂

  37. Hi. I went to SM Megamall to change my passport name (single to married).

    One of the requirements is “Original and photocopy of Commission of Filipino Overseas (CFO) Guidance and Counseling Certificate of Attendance (required ONLY for women with foreign national husband married in the Philippines)”. We were married outside the Philippines… so I told the Lady Officer that I have a foreign husband but we were not married here, she still insisted that i need to provide that requirement. ;(

    Any advise for that?

  38. Hi,

    I got married last year and my passport is expiring on July 2018. We are planning to have a short vacation on Feb-March. I would need to renew my passport and would like to change my surname to married name. Since I don’t have yet my updated Valid IDs, can i just use my Philhealth and company ID with my married name in renewing my passport?

  39. hi i just want to ask what are the requirements of renewing my passport? because i will soon get married, my fiance is a foreign national and i need to change my surname to get a visa for me to be able to be with him in his country.. my passport now will expire on feb08 and my appointment is feb26 nxt year.. thanks in advance for the help..

  40. Hi i just want to ask po nag pa appointment po ako ng single tapos ngaun po mag chachange na po ako ng status from single to married po e aaccept po ba kaya ng dfa ung online application appointment ko? Or need to re appointment po at e state sa online appointment na married? Thanks in advance!

  41. Hi,i recently got married last july 2017 and my passport will expire on august 2018 do i need to submit/ present my ID’s already with my Married name?Thank you

  42. hello every1!! I got Married to a foreigner since 2012 pero now lng ako mgcha-change name s passport.. any advice po admin.. im here at Sri Lanka.

    thanks in advance guys..

  43. I’m planning po to get my 5 yo son a passport, and i also need to change my marital status.. Same procedure po kaya sa inyo yung gagawin ko? No need for appointment and i can ride with my son din? Do i have to fill up po muna online ung form then print it or pwede po sa dfa na gawin yun? Thank u

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