Sharing with you our handwashing station in our son’s bathroom.

See, all the bathrooms in our house are small – plus, the walls are marble so we cannot really drill and easily put shelves or whatever.

They are the hardest to decorate for me to accommodate my child’s needs, so while we still figure things out, I’m happy we’re making little progress – in this case, how to help our child successfully wash his hands with no or minimal assistance.

Here’s what I did:

Since there’s nowhere I can put a table with a sink his height, a step stool is our bestfriend. I like this Little Partners step stool a lot – very simple, sturdy, and has just the right amount of assistance for tiny toddlers – sides to help those with developing balance, and sandpaper on the steps to minimize slipping accidents. I think it’s the perfect stool for bathrooms and marble floors. This was a lucky find in a surplus shop, but unfortunately, it wasn’t that cheap, too. If I remember it right, it cost us around PHP 4,000.

This used to be our guest bathroom, so there were a lot of extra toiletries in here. I took all of them out and just put out the basics: a small towel for drying hands or wiping the sink, and his soap containers.

We used to put a DIY Faucet Extender (just google and you’ll find a lot) using a plastic water bottle, but our son can reach the faucet easily now, so it hardly gets used.

As for the washing essentials: these three are all the same, actually.

The clear container that has a label is the one that he can easily use. I read somewhere (really wish I could remember where, huhu) that the easiest container for tiny hands is the cologne-type of container. This is so true for us – I started with the pump-type of containers and noticed our son was having a hard time pumping, so reading this was so timely and godsent!

Since I have a lot of that type of container, (if you don’t have one, you may buy it from shops like True Value or Beabi), I made one for each bathroom, and one for our daily outdoor bag – so we can wash hands anywhere and he can help himself with something.

His handsoap is actually just a diluted version of his shampoo/body wash.

The container with pump (bought from SM but this is also available in shops like Muji) also contains diluted soap for everybody’s use (mine, my hubby, and guests), but also, just available in case he’s ready to explore it.

And the tallest one is his shampoo slash body wash. I just transferred it to a plain container (his old shampoo container, actually – without the sticker) to make the whole look neat and calm and pleasing to the eye.

So there. I hope our box with some IKEA goods arrives already so I can make some more child-friendly changes in the bathroom. I will update here once that’s done.

Hope this post was helpful!






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