For this weekend, we decided to visit the newly-opened Burrow Cafe in Antipolo. It is an extension of the Instagram-famous Antipolo Beehouse which you can rent for shoots.

My sister asked us if we wanted to visit, so off we went on a Saturday.

Love the name BURROW CAFE, because it really is underground! You have to go through a series of steps (from the parking area) to reach the cafe. Not the best cafe for those having a hard time with stairs. The garden in the photo may be used for events, I think – and your child is free to explore here, too.

Now more of the cafe itself:

The cafe is simply gorgeous! No table sets are alike – but they all blend together. And the best part is…the hammock hanging spot! It also has a small table with books and pencils for children. My son and godson loved this area.

We also loved breastfeeding here!

Staying inside the cafe was already a treat in itself – you could read in one of the hammocks, or just sit and enjoy the gorgeous space. The food was good, but I hope they offer more vegetarian choices. We ended up ordering pasta that supposedly comes with shrimp because it was the only thing that could be vegetarian-friendly (if shrimp is taken out), but it came with a steep price of PHP 430 for a very simple vegetarian meal. They had salads, too, which we also ordered, but since we went there for lunch, they wouldn’t have been enough to fill up my hungry tummy. Haha.

Anyway, the best surprise for us that day was that…the large windows can be opened and it leads you to a stream!

They built natural stairs to go down a small stream that is perfect for toddlers – water isn’t deep, and there are just lots of natural opportunities to practice balance. I would recommend this area more for steady walkers, though. But of course, even young infants can enjoy the beauty of nature – you might just have to bring a small mat, or carry your infant.

Such a beautiful space especially for young children.

The start of exploration…

My son started climbing and traversing the rocks…

Then they both crossed boulders to get to the other side…

My son eventually went to the other side to explore the stream with his dad. Thankfully, my husband is always ready with the proper shoes (plus he’s also used to being barefoot). I came in a dress and sandals, so it was quite hard for me to follow them. 😛 I tried to go barefoot, but my feet hurt every few steps; my sandals were too flat to have use for any protection, too.

We had a full afternoon of fun and exploration. Loved this surprise so much.

With traveling (even just near your place), the organic opportunities to practice balance, strengthen muscles, and do basic movement (including transfer work which my son happily did with rocks and water) are just things I can never replicate at home — and this is why even if we have a prepared environment, I really prefer going outdoors!

If only for the stream, we’d love to go visit Burrow Cafe more often.

If you decide to visit, make sure to have a change of clothes (good thing I had) for your child, and comfortable footwear for you and your child. 💛 My son, being used to being barefoot though, did not need shoes for his exploration.

For more information on BURROW CAFE, you may visit their INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT.

General information:

Open Wednesdays to Sundays 7AM – 2PM
Reservations +63917-6229795
Location: in a village in ANTIPOLO (just 15 kms from where we’re from – San Juan, Manila – but because of the traffic, expect at least 1 hour travel per way)

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