I first saw this amazing idea from Angela Momtessori in THIS POST. And I got so excited to make our own.

Thankfully, I still have my Who Is It? boardgame from when I was a teenager, so that was decades ago!

Unearthed my dusty boardgame, and this is what it originally looked like:

How do you play WHO IS IT (the original game is called Guess Who, I think):

  1. There are two players. Players will each choose 1 character from the characters on the board.
  2. Both players try to find out each other’s chosen character by asking questions answerable by YES or NO. For example: you cannot ask, How old is your character? but could ask: Does your character have long, black hair?
  3. It’s a guessing game. So as you get clues and deduce, you bring down the characters that don’t match your questions and the answers (ex: you asked if the character has long hair and the other player says YES, then you put down all the characters that don’t have long hair).
  4. The first one to guess the other’s character wins.

Since half of my family live across the globe, I realized this is such a good tool for my son to remember them.

What I did:

I first looked for photos of our family. I made sure to choose photos that had some similarities for a few characters — example: a few photos of people wearing sunglasses, a few wearing earrings, hats, etc.

Then I measured the printed character cards and made a photoshop file in the exact size.

I edited per photo, printed two copies (you can print 3 copies – the 3rd copy is for both players to have a copy of their chosen character in front — like Angela Momtessori’s photo on her Instagram), cut them, and tadaaaah!

My son kept saying “wow!” when I showed this to him. We don’t make this a game of competition. Rather, just really guessing each other’s chosen character.

Aside from playing this as Guess Who/ Who Is It?, you can also play this memory game style. Or, just simply a tool for a language game — about your family, about objects in the photos (like sunglasses, hats, colors of hair and tops, etc). I also use it to remind my son of our family connections — Who is the father of Ate Nic? Who is Angel’s sibling? I actually put the characters in such a way that the parents and children are right beside each other for my son to visually remember who are the most basic groups in our family (except for my parents, who are in the middle). My dad passed away already, so this is also a good way for us to keep him alive in our hearts.

If you’d like to purchase a GUESS WHO game for the stand, you can buy it HERE (aff link at no extra cost to you). However, you don’t really need to buy one if you don’t have one. You can use paper and do something like THIS. Lastly, it doesn’t have to be just family members — it’s really up to you. I’m planning to make another version soon — of his other side of the family (my in-laws) and his playmates! It could also be your child’s favorite things like musical instruments, or animals, or vehicles! Have fun customizing!

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