Sharing with you a fun BIRD HUNT ACTIVITY!

Before anything else, let me put this disclaimer: this is the only bird hunt we will ever do! 😛


I love birds and I love making my own word search puzzles – it’s a challenge I’ve always enjoyed when I was younger, which I was able to use when I taught Grade 4 students, and now that I have a child.

No, our son does not read yet, nor does he know the letters. But the set of EXOTIC BIRDS miniatures that I got from Educational Toys Philippines (available from The Parenting Emporium shop) got me so excited that I immediately thought of putting a little twist in my usual word search puzzles. Instead of having a list of the words you’re supposed to look for, the miniatures serve as clues!

If you know what they’re called, then you can find them in the word search. But fret not, dear friends, I know that’s more likely only for birders (err, bird nuts) like me, so here’s a cheatsheet!

It’s exciting how so many things are gained indirectly here: spelling, nomenclature, and strengthening of eye muscles are just some I can think of!

And as promised, here’s your free word search. Sorry for the imperfections, I am not a professional here – I just really love making word search puzzles! Also, I don’t know why some letters appear to be bolder than others – none of them were highlighted in bold.

You may download it HERE.

If you don’t have the exotic birds set, you can do it the traditional way.

The skill level for this puzzle is for older children, I believe (definitely not young toddlers who are just beginning to learn sounds and names). I cannot give an age for this, it all depends on your child’s readiness. You can definitely adjust it by starting with fewer birds first!

Educational Toys Philippines carries a lot of miniatures (animals, persons, transportation, life cycles, etc)! They have a great selection of small and realistic-looking pieces. We love working with their pieces for everyday and even more for when we travel or go out of the house — we can bring a whole set and not feel it in my bag! Love that the plastic is quite flexible, and if ever the piece has edges, they are not sharp! And another important thing to note: their toys are safety-tested! They are also available at The Parenting Emporium.

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