I’ve been following this type of art for a long time on Pinterest, but it wasn’t until my friend Monica posted about it that I realized, “hey! Even a non-creative person like me can do this, too!” Not as beautiful as the ones on Pinterest perhaps, but you know what, I found it to be a very therapeutic activity.

It was the perfect timing. My stylist friends styled a wedding, and they had a lot of leftover plants after.

I normally don’t like buying flowers, because I get sad to see them cut (we had a flowerless wedding!), but when they’ve already been used for an event, I tend to want to stretch their “use”. So I asked for the flowers and started doing this.

First, I organized them.

Then, I called my toddler.

He wasn’t interested yet, so I continued my work, and he did something else (totally fine).

Had so much fun and I believe older children (or maybe even toddlers, when presented this with the right timing) will totally enjoy this and practice their own creativity!


* Whatever plants you have – I hope you don’t feel the need to buy for this. Collect fallen leaves, twigs, weeds, grass, flowers (dried and fresh, whatever is available), seeds, other natural stuff like rocks or even soil if you like!

* If you want to make it permanent, maybe a paper and glue. In my case, I just really liked the therapeutic effect. So I just used a tray, and did not save my work (except here on photos).

Once you have your materials, organize them, then leave your child to do the work!

Have fun!

PS: Sorry for the photos – it was almost dusk when I started working on this.

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