I have been busy re-cleaning the house before my son arrives.

Today, I decided to clean a drawer full of broken accessories. I kept them thinking I could be a jewelry maker someday, but let’s face it, that’s just not my thing and I’ll probably never be one.

I know of Marie Kondo and appreciate the wisdom she tries to impart, but on days like this, I am just really happy to be a basurera [a Filipino term that means “garbage” collector or hoarder]. I just can’t seem to throw anything that I think I can recycle and reuse someday! To answer Marie Kondo’s wisdom, it would be this simple for me: keeping things gives me joy!

Believe me, I also dispose of a lot of things! But I guess I just have a lot of things, many of them I love too much to let go. Haha!

Anyway…with the help of scissors, pliers, and a cutting tool, I took out the chains and locks and sorted the beads, trinkets, pearls, and wooden accessories and packed them for future use with my son.

I believe children learn best when you present real things instead of plastic toys (that sometimes don’t even come close to looking like the real thing!), so I am naturally drawn to the idea of using everyday things to introduce concepts to children!

I can use what I’ve gathered for color sorting, shape identification, indoor floral garden, bead transfer (for practicing fine motor skills), jungle play, nursery mobile displayand more! I’ll leave the rest to my child’s imagination – children never run out of it anyway!

Truly, today made me realize that my own trash is also my treasure! I can’t wait to try these out with my son!



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