Here’s an easy-to-make pancake. But before I share the details, let me say that this will not taste like the Pinoy pancake we grew up with. Typically, for many of us, the pancakes taste sweet. Putting any sweetener of your choice here is optional.

Also, I won’t be putting the measurements because we just played around with it. Haha.


* Banana (mashed)
* Oats (rolled, processed through a food processor if possible. if not, it will still work)
* Plant-based milk (almond or coconut – I prefer coconut)
* Flour (Almond/ Rice/ Wheat/ whatever you prefer)
* Sesame Seeds
* Optional: sweetener like coco sugar or syrup


* In a bowl, mix the oats, mashed banana, and milk until the consistency is sticky. If you need something to bind it more, you may add flour. You may add coco sugar here if you want to sweeten it.
* Cook your mix in a pan until golden brown.
* Sprinkle sesame seeds on the pancakes.
* Optional: pour pancake syrup (agave if you want it vegan).

* This recipe can be gluten-free as long as you use gluten-free flour like Rice Flour, and certified gluten-free oats. 🙂 Have fun cooking!

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