If you’ve been watching my stories, you’ve probably seen me share this cool product I discovered. But you know, stories only last for 24 hours, and when I shared it, we haven’t done the experiment yet. Now that we have though, I can vouch for this product even more.

See, this brand was talked about in a mommy group I’m part of in Facebook. Many moms swore by this; and they were saying that they noticed how one’s sickness doesn’t last as long with this product, and the sickness doesn’t get passed on to other family members, too.

I’ve been seeing this product whenever I’d visit The Parenting Emporium, but I thought it was just one of those things we don’t need…until I got sick. I had a cough for too long that my son and my husband started coughing too! Fortunately, that was the same time I saw the product being talked about, so I inquired. After a few days, one of the owners came to the house, explained how it works, did a quick swab to see the bacteria count in our room, and proceeded to the demo.

Here’s the result of the bacteria count within a 30 minute time difference:

I was honestly sold throughout the demo, which is why I immediately shared it in my IG stories. Even though I am a firm believer that we, especially our children, actually need GERMS in our lives for a stronger immune system, it’s a totally different thing when you’re sick. I feel that there’s absolutely NO reason why you must pass on your sickness to your little one.

This passing of sickness has happened twice to us already. The first time, it was my husband who got a cough — too long that I eventually had a cough, and so did my son.

The second one was when I had a cough. And when this brand came to our home, my son and husband were starting to cough, too. Guess what? After the 30-minute sterilization of the room, we all slept with little coughs that night – but my son and husband’s cough no longer progressed. And I was better in a few days. Could it have been a coincidence? Maybe. Could their bacteria counter be fake? Maybe. I had no solid proof, and so, just like the other brands that make claims for things, I knew the only way I could really prove its effectivity is to use it in an experiment myself!

I was told of a mom who did an experiment with this using petri dishes, and I was thinking of a simpler way to do it (mainly cause I don’t have petri dishes, lol). So it’s a good thing that a few days later, I happened to see this teacher’s experiment online.



Instead of doing controlled, dirty, clean hands, though – we did this in order:

Step 1: DIRTY HANDS (no washing, touched the bread)
Step 2: DIRTY HANDS (same hands, no washing, touched the bread, and then sterilized with the product I’m talking about)
Step 3: CLEAN HANDS (washed hands using an antibacterial soap for 2 “Happy Birthday” songs, touched the bread)

And here, you’ll see the result. It took about 2 weeks for molds to actually form in our bread.

So, what is this product?

The brand is called UV CARE. I learned from our demo that there are different types of UV light, and the one they use is UV-C, the kind of UV that is lethal to germs and bacteria. Why? Through UV irradiation, the DNA structure of a single-celled virus will be damaged, leading to immediate death and/or loss of reproductivity.

What it does essentially, apart from some kinds of virus dying immediately, is that it makes it unable for the bacteria to reproduce!!! Genius! It reminded me of this genius plan of Scientists who released 20 million mosquitoes in California to reduce mosquito population. Sounds counter-intuitive, but you can read more about that HERE. It basically does the same thing!

So for example, in the bacteria counter I showed above, it started with 623. After 30 minutes, it was down to 4. A few days later, it would have been lower than 4 or 0.

They have a whole range of UV products, so communicating with them is really important rather than just window shopping and looking at the prices – this is so you know which one fits your needs. They have products that can even supply to farms, hospitals, or products like UV filters for your airconditioners!

These are the two products we got:

We started with the UV Germ Zapper. It’s a sterilizer for THE ROOM! I’ve been addicted to my son’s ECOMOM sterilizer and been using it to sterilize toys, second hand books, clothes that did not dry properly — so I was so thrilled when I found out that there’s a device that does the same – for a much larger scope! Anyway, it’s automatic. You plug it (there’s a control, too), it will take 10 seconds for it to light up (so you have ample time to leave the room), and it stays on for 30 minutes. At the 30th minute, it stops on its own. So you can leave the room for a long time because it will shut off on its own.

With this product, as long as an item/piece is touched by the UV light, it is covered. It’s small enough to be portable for travels.

This is our UV Germ Zapper and we brought it with us during our staycation at Seda Hotel. You know how some accommodations feel dirty, or moldy, or just a room full of allergy, right? Fortunately, Seda Hotel was nothing like that, haha, but it was still good to have it handy. We also used it in the bathroom of the hotel.

The only downside of this product for me (of course, because of the time and size), is that it needs to be plugged. So, after having this for a few days, we also ordered the UV Care Pocker Sterilizer from The Parenting Emporium. This, I think is their cheapest product.

The downside for others for this one is that it’s manually done. You can’t just leave it on and do the work, but for me, again, it depends on what you’ll sterilize. I find that this is so useful for plane rides and grocery carts and high chairs in restaurants where you can really direct the light where you want (especially when you have babies who touch everything and then put their hands in their mouths). For adults, it can be used for mobile phones, toothbrushes, office mugs, toilet seats, door knobs, cutting boards, tabletops, keyboards, etc!

For breastfeeding moms, I’ve had yeast from breastfeeding, and honestly, it’s sooooo hard to kill. I wish I had known this product from the start – it’s perfect for sterilizing my nursing bras, because yeast survives the typical washing!

This one is so small that I have it in my everyday bag, and there’s no need to plug – it can be turned on using batteries, or powerbanks!

It comes with a chart for recommended exposure time to achieve 99.9% sterilization. It mostly ranges from 1-10 seconds, but there are a few bacteria, molds, protozoa, virus, and yeast that need longer time range from 12 seconds to 338 seconds.

So for the experiment, we used the UV pocket sterilizer. I wanted to test the cheapest product. So for the bread with UV, I held it and ensured all parts of the bread was sterilized (we only did one side for all the breads) and held it for about 253 seconds, since that’s the longest time recommendation under the molds section of the chart. I’m not familiar with types of molds, so I just got the one with the longest time recommendation, though depending on the type, for molds, time ranges from 8 seconds to 253.

After 2 weeks, this is the result:

I was surprised that even the clean hands formed molds! But of course, the one with dirty hands is worse! Aaaand…look at the one with dirty hands but cleaned with UV!!!


It’s been more than 2 weeks and I only had time to take photos today, and they still look the same. Still no molds in the bread that’s been sterilized with UV. We’re still keeping them in their respective bags so we can observe longer.

But for now, I guess I have my solid proof that it works.


For me, yes. Especially when your home is prone to molds – I’m more scared of molds than bacteria, haha. You can start with the cheapest one and see how you like it. You can do your own experiment instead of just banking on what I say (it’s fun, promise!). But, I highly suggest that you contact them to know about their range of products, because what I chose may not necessarily be what you need – they have a lot more and those may be more apt for you. They even provide a sterilizing service for about PHP 1,500, I think. If you have an event and you want to sterilize the place after, or the items you used, you may contact them! You can also head to The Parenting Emporium to see the products yourself.

Just to note though, again, I don’t believe in keeping a house ultra-sanitized all day, everyday. I also want my son’s immune system to be strong without banking on anything. (EDIT: Cancer Scientist Mel Greaves has spilled some important details of his 30 years research on children and leukemia – in essence, getting infections in the first year can actually be beneficial! It seems children are too clean nowadays!)

But, this is still a handy tool for when something’s extra moldy, or dirty, or like in our case, someone’s sick at home. Or when you’re traveling and you don’t trust the cleaning services of your accommodations.

For more details, or to order, kindly contact the following:


THE PARENTING EMPORIUM (sells a wide range of their products)
For more information, visit


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  1. Hi! Sorry..a bit confused. How did you do the ‘step2: dirty hands’? What did you use the uv care on? Your hands? Or the bread? Is it safe to expose uour hands to the uv light?

    1. Hi. Not sure if I got your question correctly, but for step 2: basically, we touched the bread without washing our hands, and after that, we used the UV to sterilize. Hope this helps and clears things up. 🙂

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