Today, it’s my husband’s turn to give a review of our vacuum cleaner (and expect him to guest more often to review other cool finds).

But first, disclaimer: this unit was sent to us by Electrolux Philippines for review.

Details here:

MODEL: Electrolux UltraFlex Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum Cleaner ZVE4110FL

PRICE: Around PHP 18,000, but watch out because they also go on sale from time to time (during the ashfall, someone alerted me that they went half off! woah!)

WHERE TO BUY: Lazada, Abensons, Anson’s, etc. You can search for stores near you HERE.

My husband has been using this for a few months now, so he’s ready to share what he loves about this unit (with my own inputs).

POWERFUL – Of course, who wouldn’t love a powerful vacuum cleaner? My husband did a research and found that this is one of the most powerful cyclonic vacuum cleaners in the market. We love how the suction is powerful, no matter which accessory we use. But what if you don’t need that much power? That’s okay, too! Because you can actually adjust the power – from 1 to 5! How amazing is that?!

COMPACT – Given its power, it’s amazing how compact it is. Yes, it’s not “small”, but considering all its functions, power, and capabilities, the size is not bad at all. We love how most of the accessories (except for one, actually) are attached to the vacuum cleaner. You don’t need to keep switching accessories and keep the unused ones (and essentially forget you have them) in the box.

For this reason, we don’t even store it with the box! Such a space saver! Imagine, we were able to fit a powerful cleaner, a powerful steamer, and our cleaning tools in that space? It used to fit just our cleaning tools and our vacuum cleaner. Our steamer was stored in our attic due to lack of space.

Note: even the accessories are compact!

Bed Nozzle – the only one that needs storage outside the vacuum cleaner itself. This is quite fun to use! It rolls smoothly as you vacuum your beds and sofa beds!

LESS NOISE – It’s not quiet (76 dba), but the noise is much more tolerable than our previous one. It has noise, yes, but it doesn’t wake up my son when we use it while he’s sleeping — big deal for me!

LIGHT – “Ang light talaga nito! Ang galing! (“Amazing how this is really light!”), my husband would often say this when he uses it. The telescopic tube (handle) is aluminum, so it’s not only lightweight, it’s also sturdy! I personally probably don’t find it as light as he does, but guess what? I can actually use it long enough to vacuum what I need to vacuum, so yes, I guess he’s right — it’s light!

TRANSPARENT CANISTER – As a Montessori momma, this is an important feature for me. Process is important in understanding how things work, so to actually see where the dust and dirt sucked by the vacuum cleaner goes makes it so easy for my son to understand the purpose and process of a vacuum cleaner! It’s very easy to clean the canister and filter, too! You just take them out separately and clean as needed. The canister and filter are washable!

ALLERGEN-FREE FEATURES: According to their website, it includes these features: Turbo Cyclonic Design, HEPA13 Washable Exhaust filter (which seals 99% of dust and allergens), and a Replaceable Carbon Layer. The last two are all you need to purify your space (we’ve done our research for air purification). 

USER-FRIENDLY – One of the things we truly love about Electrolux is that their products are user-friendly. Aside from it being light and compact, you can also stand it in two ways: horizontally (rolling position – so you can easily drag it), or vertically (which is how we store it — super space saver!). 

Other user-friendly features we love:

CONVENIENT PLACEMENT OF CONTROL — The control is in the telescopic tube (the handle) instead the unit itself, and this is such a game changer. Gone are the days when we have to go back to the main unit just to turn the vacuum cleaner on or off! The cord of this model is actually 9 meters long, so imagine having to go back to the main unit just to control the power?!? This is such a thoughtful touch.
RETRACTABLE HANDLE – Look closely! Can you see the length difference? Same telescopic tube, same angle. When I first got to use this feature, I was floored! I don’t even need a stool to vacuum our ceilings now – all I need to do is make the handle longer, and you can do that in one pull. Lifesaver!
RETRACTABLE CORD – even the 9-meter cord is so easy to take out and put back! So neat, too! You will not see it unless you use it.
FLEX PRO PLUS NOZZLE — this is my favorite one! You can use it flat on the wall, then it automatically bends when you place it on the ceiling / floor— hence the term FLEX. Basically, the nozzle adapts to the surface, it’s really amazing – this accessory definitely makes cleaning much easier and efficient!

Admittedly, this unit can seem intimidating when you first see it — it looks very complicated at first sight (at least for someone like me who got used to the type of vacuum with only one feature), but give yourself time to learn it, and we promise it will be one of your best friends at home!

We just wish it can be used for wet, too, but really, with all the features and power it offers, we’re not complaining!

Hope this post was helpful in your research for vacuums. If you’re wondering why we chose to work with Electrolux for their vacuum cleaner, it’s because this is their first product as a brand (in 1919, wow!), and they have been consistent in selling quality products that last.

In fact, the reason why we went for Electrolux Refrigerator and Washer and Dryer is because of the testimonies of our own friends when we were researching. Their products last long, and work well. Thank you, Electrolux, for allowing me to talk about how great your products are!

If you’d like to know more about the different Electrolux models, click HERE.

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