Vehicles – definitely my toddler’s favorite. Construction vehicles, planes, and emergency vehicles to be more specific, but give him any vehicle-themed book and he’ll surely want to read it.

We have a lot of books on vehicles, but this list is his curated one – the ones he loves to read over and over again.

I’ll be sharing with my affiliate links from Amazon and Book Depository (free worldwide shipping, woohoo) where applicable. And if you discovered these books from this site, I hope you can use the link (no extra cost to you) – it gives me some points that I can use as credit for their sites, so I can recommend more books to you. Thank you in advanced.

Ready? Here we go.

Trucks and Vehicles books, specifically THIS ONE, THIS ONE, and the Preschool Board Books: Vehicles one which I got from National Bookstore. These were his favorites even when he was an infant. You don’t need to get these specific titles – there are lots of similar books like these. Basically, they’re simple books with one illustration (a real photo usually) per page. These are the books that helped him name the vehicles we see on the road.

This is another one we love – it’s similar to the first ones I shared, but it’s a set, and has a specific theme per book (ex: boats, or diggers and dumpers, etc). The back cover turns into a puzzle when put together, too! I bought this from Fully Booked.

Rhyming books – he loves these!

Diggers are good for dig, dig, digging.
Scooping up the Earth and lifting and tipping.
They make huge holes with their dig, dig, digging.
They can work all day!


After dump truck’s rough, tough day
he’s hosed down with a cooling spray.
Clean up, digger – no more rush!
His giant bucket gets a brush!

You’ll probably get to recite these by heart in no time!

I got both from the Big Bad Wolf Booksale, but you can get them HERE and HERE. I saw Dig Dig Digging from Fully Booked, too.

THIS ONE is another favorite – I love how each page concentrates on a specific construction vehicle, and tells the child what it does in very simple yet powerful language. It starts with an image of mess, and chaos. And it asks what can be done about it. So, the construction vehicles were set to work, and in the end, they made an adventure playground! My son loves the concept of this playground so much that he turns everything into an adventure playground. I honestly thought it was just a term for this book, but when we were in Europe, I found out that there is such a thing as adventure playground – also known as junk playground, or waste material playground! So cool. Look it up! I got this from Booksale, I think.

He liked this book because of the Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site Memory Game I scored for him from the Big Bad Wolf Sale. This book is pretty long, but it gets his attention for a long while. He doesn’t always get to finish the book, and that’s fine. Sometimes, we just talk about how construction vehicles need to rest after a day’s work, too.

This lift-the-flap book has been catching my toddler’s attention lately. We don’t really go into details much yet with this book. He usually picks this up during his quiet time (alone time) and just opens the flaps and just make his own stories about what he sees.

This, like other Gail Gibbons work, contains beautiful illustrations. It was a Booksale find, and I’m not sure it will still be available in Amazon, but you might get lucky with Book Depository or booksales. I love the simple graphics, and it contains a lot of comic strips without any text, too – a great way to teach sequence! My son loves reading this by himself, too.

THIS is a recent find from Booksale, but my son already loves having this read to him over and over again. I love how the text introduces my son to the concept of describing things to give clues. Sometimes, we read this to someone and hide the image, then let that person guess what we are talking about.

THIS is an alphabet book that Montessori on Mars found for us. We don’t use it to teach the letters, because we’re not introducing the alphabet nor letter sounds to our son yet, but it is generally a great book – beautiful story and illustrations. Most letter sounds are correct, except for I, if I remember correctly. It’s about all these construction-related items doing the work for a theme park. By the end of the story, the theme park was finally made and the construction vehicles and pieces were taken away in time for the opening day!

This is another alphabet book and it was a gift from my sister. Again, we don’t use it to teach the alphabet. Many letters don’t match the letter sounds, too, but it’s great to introduce a construction vehicle and tell your child what it’s for. Beautiful images, too!

THIS ONE is a Fully Booked find, and it is one of my personal favorites. It’s a book that explains how roads are made – in concepts that are easy to grasp and understand.

The Runaway Train by Benedict Blathwayt – not available in Amazon, but you can find some from Book Depository.

This was a Booksale find, and while it’s lengthy for a toddler, the story engages him. It starts with the train driver going down to help a woman ride the train. And then, he forgot to keep the brake on, and the train started moving without him. This book talks about his whole journey and how he finally got to catch the train. Whew! This is a super favorite, and even when we don’t read it to him, our toddler loves picking this book up and retelling the story himself.

These Usborne Wind-up books are a hit at home. You can take out the puzzles on each page for the bus version, then it turns into one big puzzle. The fire engine version, on the other hand, makes a sound, which my toddler loves. What I love about these is that the vehicles that come with it have to be manually turned to make them move.

Last but not the least, our toddler also loves this book – The Digger and The Flower. The story is about construction vehicles doing their work, then one day, the digger found a flower, and everyday, he would visit and water it. The flower grew, but the city grew, too. So they had to keep building, and when a big puff of smoke was blown, the flower was cut down. This made the digger very sad, but also hopeful when he found seeds from the cut down flower. Beautiful story. My 5-year-old godson loves this a lot, too, and I think he somehow developed a deeper understanding of care for the environment after reading this.

That’s it. Sorry for the long list – these are really the books my toddler pick out of all the vehicle-themed books we have. Hope his curation brings joy in your homes, too!

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  1. Sa baby girl ko naman, we bought Adarna story books for her. Yung Tagalog stories. She enjoys watching the pictures. Meron din siyang dalawang vehicle books, nabili ko naman as a set sa Shopee.

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