Easter had passed for this year, but I thought of sharing what I did for my son without spending anything, nor being forced to put candies or new toys in his eggs.

Are you thinking about how you can stop giving new toys (because you probably have too many toys at home right now?), or how to avoid putting sweet treats in your eggs?

Sometimes, we tend to feel pressured when we see these gorgeous Easter basket on social media. But I always go back to the principle of observing my child, and following his interests. In reality, my child doesn’t care whether his toys are new or not. But he cares about what they are – do they represent something he likes? Do they answer his current needs and interests?

What I did is very simple and will not cost you anything, but trust me, it will be a hit for your toddler.


Just put your toddler’s favorite toys in the eggs! That simple!

This was his Easter Egg Hunt activity prepared by his grandma.

Then just like the usual easter egg hunt activity, hide the eggs in the room/ garden/ house, and let your toddler do the rest of the work!

Personally, my toddler loves vehicles. Thankfully, the toobs are perfect for this activity. I used this one. But, do follow your child’s interests. If s/he likes ribbons or leaves or stickers, etc, then that’s what you put.

Zero cost. Zero waste. Toddler approved.

Have fun!

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