If there’s one kind of footwear I’ve really come to appreciate the moment I started traveling and going out with my toddler – it’s waterproof shoes.

I’ve always loved using waterproof shoes for my travels, but more so when I gave birth and found out I have a lot more to think about than the state of my shoe when we’re going out. I love how the thought that even if it gets stained with something, or liquid spills on it, I can always just wash it.

Here are my top 3 favorites:

Seastar Espadrilles

I looooove this brand! It’s so stylish and comfortable! I love how I can wear it with me to the beach – from the shore to the sea!

The only drawbacks? It’s quite expensive here – bought it from a store in Rockwell (I think the store name is Cabana) for PHP 6500, but it’s cheaper in Amazon.

Also, it can feel quite hot in our tropical weather when worn in the city.

But this is a must for me whenever we go out of town, or even to the mall!

Decathlon Aqua Shoes

This is the perfect pair for days when you’ll actually do real adventure – hanging out by the river, crossing streams, walking on rocks, visiting waterfalls, traversing canyons, etc. It’s comfortable, it’s not slippery at all, and very cheap. I think I bought this for only around PHP 400. You can check out what they currently have HERE.

The drawback? Well, it doesn’t look chic. But it does the job. And, I love how they have plain colors available. Out of all these, when our days will have some real adventure, I would wear this one.

For sporty styles, there’s actually a lot you can choose from – best to go to stores of sports brand so you can really pick which one you like. I also loved my pair of Keen slipons. But, to be able to really use it in water, I had to bring it to a shoe repair store and had it sewn.

Saltwater Sandals

For sandals, no other brand matches this for me – in terms of style and comfort. It’s comfortable to wear in general, though, I wouldn’t advise using this for mossy and rocky beaches. But if you’re just gonna hang out in the shore and don’t want to worry about your footwear getting wet, this is probably one of the most chic pairs you can own.

This brand isn’t exactly cheap, but much cheaper than Seastar. Before this version came out, they only had this style but with a strap at the back. So I’ve had that style for years now, and while I love it, I stopped wearing it because it was such a hassle removing the strap at the back on and off (like when I would go to the water to swim). So I really prefer this slip-on version. Saltwater Sandals is already available here, but you can also purchase it from Amazon. FYI: They have sizes for children, too!

EDIT FOR 2023: I bought another pair of these locally, and the leather on my pair is now peeling off — it hasn’t been a year since my purchase, so I’m really disappointed with this, most especially after my experience of this brand being long-wearing. I shared it on my Instagram stories and got a lot of messages telling me the same thing, with as far as their children’s pairs breaking in half on the sole! Our guess is that there are a lot of pairs that were stuck during the pandemic, and have weakened as a result. Thought sharing this would be helpful.

So there. My top 3 picks.

As for slippers (well, most slippers are waterproof so just adding this as an extra), my favorite brand would be RAINBOW – I read somewhere before that this brand was made because the owner noticed a lot of rubber slippers are being washed ashore – and usually, they’re torn and can no longer be used. So he worked and experimented until he was able to make a pair that not only looks good, but feels good and lasts a long time. I so agree with these claims – it really feels good, and lasts for such a long time. I’ve had my first year for more than 10 years and still usable. I bought my second pair just a few years ago and love it! For me, it’s worth the price.

How about you? Which brands and styles do you love? Would love to hear your thoughts!

PS: I’m not sure if waterproof is the right term, actually, since to waterproof also means the insides will stay dry. But basically, these footwear can be worn even on water without them getting broken. I hope this clears it up!:) Thank you!

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