I remember seeing this while scrolling on Instagram, and I thought Creation Space’s idea is such a genius!

Luckily, we have this moveable rack that we normally use for hanging clothes, but it turned out to be perfect for this activity, too!


* A steady rack
* Clear tape
* Nature finds – weeds, seeds, flowers, dried plants, twigs, etc – I don’t like cutting flowers for cutting’s sake, so I only worked with the fallen leaves I found in the garden

I taped both ends (used several tapes to creates layers), then left the bar somewhere my toddler could surely see. I put my nature finds in a basin. And let him do the rest of the work. He had fun sticking my nature finds, and along the way, we both learned that some plants stick to tape easier than the others. I could have decorated this with an adult-decorated wall to make it look more pinteresting, but this was our reality on our first try, and what’s important is we had so much fun!

Have fun making your own wall!

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