Many of you have asked about this wall in our home.

My husband was the one who installed this, and because he does not like drilling the walls as much as possible, I’m happy to report that this could be done using only command hooks (browse HERE)!

So this is what the BEFORE looked like. My sister let go of her DIY chairs (they painted it and had it reupholstered), and we got it from her. I love the look of these chairs!

Then, my work began.

First, I put out all the artworks I wanted to display – paintings, posters, postcards, wooden carvings, etc. I placed all of them on the floor and right below the wall (so I can see if the width I wanted would fit. I measured the height and put temporary markers on the floor to know my limits).

Most of these are artworks we’ve collected during our travels, s0 they have different stories and styles.

Then I did a lot of editing and switching.

If you’re having a hard time, you may look at Pinterest and search photo wall or gallery wall for inspiration.

When I was happy already, my husband started putting them up on the wall.

If you’re curious, these are the specific command hooks he used: THIS, THIS, THIS, and THIS. These are affiliate links (at no extra cost to you). But you can find this in your local hardware stores, too.

NOTE: We did not do the paper-on-the-wall-first trick, but I did it in another wall before using my scratch papers (taped together to follow the shape of our frames), and this step was also very helpful! See photo below.

photo from

Then when the wall was done, I added another accent to complete this area in our home: an artwork pillow!

I love Bibsisita’s artworks – mostly mother and child illustrations, and then she has them printed on pillows and bags. You may order wall artworks, too! You may check shop her products HERE.

That’s it for this post. Hope this was helpful for you – enjoy creating your own art wall! Will post our toddler’s art corner next time!

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