This butterfly matching work is pretty popular in Montessori communities. It’s such great work for young children – looking for the other half of the butterfly, or doing memory work.

My son rarely touches the puzzle printables I introduce to him because he looks for that click store-bought puzzles make whenever he builds his puzzles. But the moment I showed this to him, he kept wanting to do it.

We play our butterfly prints in two ways now that he’s 2.

1) I cut the print to the shape of the butterfly, cut it in the middle again, then let my son look for the matches.

2) I print two copies, cut into squares, then play memory game with my child. I introduced the memory game with the prints all up and facing us. So my toddler can see all of them, he just has to look for the pair. Now, we can play it the usual way.

For matching work #1, this is how I leave it on the table for him – all in a small bowl/container (the matching work in the photo is for visualization purposes of this post only).

I made a printable that you can also enjoy. I looked for butterflies that are copyright free, but please note that these must only be used for personal use. Thank you and enjoy your printable! I suggest printing it on thick paper so you don’t need to laminate anymore.

Download your free butterfly printable HERE.

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