Since many of you ask the books we use where our toddler presses a button and music plays, I will share the books with music that we all love at home.

I have mentioned in one of my blogs that we also love books that are from songs, like If You’re Happy and You Know It, or the classic The Wheels On The Bus — there really is something about music that children love and are drawn to. My son has been exposed to classical music since he was born, for example, but only truly developed a strong interest after being exposed to one of the books here (The Story Orchestra).

Before I share our list, let me just say that there are a lot of sound books in our local bookstores – unfortunately though, there are more of what I don’t prefer than what we don’t mind having at home. That being said though, there are three from this list that I was able to buy from Powerbooks. I think their Podium branch is their best branch yet.

I’ll be sharing my affiliate links from Amazon and Book Depository (free shipping around the world!) – would appreciate if you can use the link if you’ll buy from them, anyway. No extra cost and it might earn me a few credits so I can use to buy items from them. 🙂

Here we go.

-One of my child’s most favorite books. It walks you through the experience of four seasons all in a day! I love the illustrations, too, and I love how the button for pressing is a little camouflaged. It’s a fun hide and seek game for me and my toddler. The text is a bit too long for my toddler, but he truly truly enjoys listening to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. So beautiful.

There’s more of this series. You can also get SLEEPING BEAUTY, SWAN LAKE, and THE NUTCRACKER.

NOTE: I was fortunate enough to score a copy from Powerbooks for only PHP 600++. Unfortunately, the last time I went back, they had tripled the regular price. So it’s now PHP 1800++. I think buying from Amazon or Book Depository is now more worth it.

– Another well-loved book in our home. What I love about it is that it describes in simple terms how an orchestra works. It starts with Have you heard an orchestra? It’s made up of lots of different musicians, but they all play at the same time to make one amazing big sound. Then it has separate buttons for violins, trumpets, or a similar group like flutes and clarinets. At the end of the book, you will hear all the instruments playing together.

My only issue is…our copy is not working anymore. We need a new one. 😛 This is also available in Amazon and Book Depository.

– Compared to The Story Orchestra book, this has much simpler illustration, which may be suitable for very young children. I love how this has simple but interesting text, too. Like did you know that when he was asked to compose a dance song, he composed A Little Night Music and said it was a lullabye? My son loves this book so much, too. I’ve noticed though that the sound of this book is not as loud as The Story Orchestra.

We found our copy from Power Books for a good price – I believe around PHP 500-600. PS: This is also available in Amazon and Book Depository.

I’m not a fan of the cover, but my son is really drawn to this. It’s a great introduction to great ballet music, and the photos on the right side serve as the sound buttons. It has become a meaningful matching work for my son, too. He now has a strong interest in ballet because of this book.

We found our copy from Power Books for a good price – I believe around PHP 500-600. PS: This is also available in Amazon and Book Depository.

– These are finds from the Big Bad Wolf Booksale for a good price. I cannot seem to find it in Amazon nor Book Depository, and have not seen them in our local bookstores. I’m not a fan of the illustration and the cover and font…but they do feature good music. If you chance upon it for a cheap price, go for it.


Last but not the least, we also love this Listen and Learn book we have at home — you get 4 back-to-back cards of I believe 72 musical instruments in total. You need to place the card inside that piano border, press the GO sign of each card, then press on each drawing of musical instrument to hear its sound! So amazing how we hear instruments like serpent, or didgeridoo, or kalimba!

I only wish though, that they only used one song for each instrument. That way, you can isolate the music and make a more precise distinction (like they did in this super cool musical puzzle).

This is available in Amazon and Book Depository.

So there’s our list. Sound books are truly loved in our home, so if I see more, I’ll probably add more. I’ll share the sound books on animals in a separate post. Would love to know your household favorites, too!

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