My husband gave me a bouquet of veggies for Valentine’s Day. Why? Because I don’t like cut flowers (so he never gave me real cut flowers) and we are vegetarians!

It was my perfect excuse to make cauli rice.

See, I love the idea of cauliflower rice – it’s low carb, healthy, and normally really good in taste. BUUUT…I cannot justify eating it everyday because really, in Manila, cauliflowers are expensive. Even at its cheaper range (like PHP 50-70 per 2 heads), that’s just one or two meals for me and the husband, while real rice that price would feed a lot more people. Haha.

So anyway, I had lots of cauliflowers to eat, hence I made my own cauliflower rice using the ingredients we already have.

I am not an expert in the kitchen (not at all!), but I shared this on Instagram and the ones who tried it said they like it, so am sharing it here.

Such a long introduction, haha, but anyway, hope you enjoy this simple, very easy to cook meal, too!


1-2 heads of cauliflowers (small to medium in size) – GRATED (or processed in food processor)
1 pc tomato (small to medium)
1 clove garlic
1 small onion (small to medium)
1 pc salted egg
desired seasoning (no salt needed anymore, though, because of the salted egg)
butter/ cooking oil
greens like green onion or chives or onion leeks

lime/lemon juice
dried kamias (bilimbi)

cut your veggies however you desire (diced, sliced, etc), but for the cauliflower, it’s just either processed through a food processor, or grated — to make the texture similar to rice.


1. In a pan, sauté garlic, onion, and tomatoes in butter/oil (or butter and oil like I did, haha).
2. Add grated cauliflower. Mix.
3. When the cauliflower is almost cooked, add the salted egg and mix again.
Taste if you like it already – if not, add desired seasoning (I skipped this step).
5. Add your greens. I personally like onion leeks.
6. OPTIONAL: Squeeze a little lime/lemon juice, and/or garnish with dried kamias.
7. Enjoy!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your recipes! We like them because they’re 1) vegan, 2) pinoy and ingredients are easy to find here, 3) kid friendly

    1. Hi Nicci! Thanks for dropping by! Hope all is well. Thanks for your message. This particular dish is vegetarian, not vegan, because it still uses egg (and butter if you prefer butter), but yes, the meals I share are pinoy-friendly, cause I feel you – so hard to look for super Western ingredients just to eat “healthy” or different from the usual Pinoy meals. Hehe. Thanks for appreciating!:)

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