I was just going to tell you about this amazing partnership between a brand we look up to, and an organization for children that I’d love to work for. Originally, I just wanted to share how we can help others simply by helping our families. But before I share more, I want you to watch this video:

I am sorry for that heartbreaking content, but the reality is, well, that’s the reality for others, that’s the truth many children face, and honestly, I am crying as I’m typing this, because I just really don’t understand why children have to be the ones to face the consequences of injustice.

Every child has the same right – the right to be a child, to experience life to the fullest by having proper nutrition, access to education, and a safe environment, and unfortunately, not every child is lucky enough to have those rights.

However, like they say, when we have time to complain or think negative thoughts, we also have time to do something about it.

I recently discovered this organization called Save The Children. They are a global organization (working in 120 countries), and do a lot of work here in the Philippines. My husband and I used to travel the country to volunteer in different organizations, but now that I’m a mom, let me say I am so relieved such an organization like Save The Children exists. I appreciate all these volunteer work all the more!

I don’t know how to begin to explain what this organization does, because wherever there’s a challenge a child faces, it seems that they’re there, helping out.

They are at the forefront saving children’s lives when natural disasters strike. They help children (including those from indigenous groups and children with disabilities) gain access to education. They support not only children, but mothers (who children need) from pregnancy to post-birth by providing maternal programs, improving systems among communities to increase the number of deliveries with skilled birth attendance, and promoting breastfeeding. They watch out for children’s health by providing newborn and child health programs; they also support teenagers through various programs including education on reproductive health, menstrual health, gender equality, adolescence, and puberty. They help increase access to essential hygiene items and clean water especially in times of emergencies. They protect children who are abused or neglected, and they have livelihood programs. It’s so hard to give justice to what they do in simple terms. I highly recommend visiting their website to learn more about them.

Now, it can get overwhelming. I have volunteered a lot and still, when I read about all these challenges at once, I take a step back and take time to digest them all. The great thing about their website, is that if you click on their Be A Volunteer page, it tells you exactly what they need as of the moment, and if you have the skills and the time, it would be great to do something for others, right?

What if I told you that there’s also another way to help this organization that doesn’t take much time nor skill? It only takes your regular time out for errands, and buying something you’ve always had in stock for your family?

This – this is what I was only planning to share originally, because I think it’s amazing how by for caring for our very own family, we extend our help to others.

From June 01-September 30, 2018, for every 50g jar of Vicks Vaporub or Vicks Babyrub  sold in Mercury Drug, PHP 1.00 goes to the child protection efforts of Save The Children Philippines! It’s that simple!

Imagine how much can go to the organization if we hoard our Vicks supplies? A few pesos from me, a few pesos from you, a few pesos from others…this is one easy way we can help, and hopefully, through a huge volume, we can all make a difference in others’ lives!

PS: Promo permit: DOH-FDA-CDRR Permit No: 366 s. 2018

This blogpost is published in partnership with Vicks Philippines, but all content are exclusively mine.
* For younger children, use the Vicky BABYRub (pink cap), and for all ages, kindly read the directions on how to use Vicks.

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  1. Hi ms. Paula i am a filipino mom living in another country. All my life i am using vicks vaporub and when i became a mom i applied to my kids here in the middle east country but my question is, is it true that vicks is dangerous and can cause to death? I hope u can reply.

    1. Hi, Christine. Sorry I just saw this.

      There are two kinds of Vicks Vaporub, the one with the pink lid and the more famous one, the one with the green lid. The pink lid is the one for infants. From what I know, there have been no known deaths from using these products (pink for babies, green for 2/3 years old up). Just make sure to read the instructions on how to use them. Apparently, putting it on our noses is not in their list of how to use the product, which is funny, cause that’s practically what I did growing up. So yes, just like with other products, I think it’s important (now more than ever that we are moms) to always read the instructions so we can use the products properly. 🙂

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