As I’m typing this, my son is already 14 months, but I’m determined to update this until up to his 12th month, at least – for our own memories.

Here we go! A roundup of what mattered to Pablo between his eighth and ninth month!

1. How Do I Love You? | Peek-A-Who | The Wheels On The Bus – his preferred books
2. Matryoshka Doll (his Papa’s gift to me from Russia) – his favorite to open and explore
3. Miniature School Bus – his fave to move and spin!
4. Miniature Cars – for wheel spinning and for sliding down his Pikler slide
5. Cloth Diapers – he looked forward to us asking him to choose which color/design he prefers!
6. Monkey + Proboscis Monkey Shelf – He had a printed image of a monkey eating a banana, and a pail with 2 bananas (a teether and wooden toy). He loved this area for his own exploration.
7. Coconut Bowl with Straw – This wasn’t actually his material. He discovered it from my shelf, and it had a straw in it. He really loved taking the straw out, and try to put it in. He would always get this from my shelf. I eventually put out a bottle with straws for him (see that white bottle near the green treasure basket?), but it did not hold as much interest.
8. Yellow Rubber of his bath tub – He really liked munching this (so yes, it went to our Ecomom a lot!), and later on discovered that it works like a sticker on a mirror. We would stick it on the mirror so he could take it out, and he loved doing it every single day!
9. Green Treasure Basket – his favorite basket to explore downstairs! From colanders to “easter eggs” to ribbons and balls, I just put in everything green since I had a green basket for him.
10. LED Light Switch – got it from a hardware store and it instantly attracted him! He couldn’t easily turn the switch on and off though, because it’s harder than our light switches at home. I think it took maybe a month or two for him to be able to do it easily.
11. Singing Bowl – a gift from our niece from Bhutan! This was his absolute fave instrument! Everyday, he would take it out and try to make it “sing” by moving the stick around the bowl (just like what his Papa does), and he gets to make some sound come out of it. This excited him a lot.
12. EverEarth Jr. Ramp Racer – His favorite for rolling things down. I love the sound it makes! When he first used it, I realized why Maria Montessori preferred using balls – because whichever way you put it, it would roll down – perfect for beginners. This was a little harder because he had to put it vertically (and not horizontally) so that the car would fit the slide and roll down. It was challenging for him but thankfully, it did not frustrate him. He eventually learned how to do it with ease. But at this stage, he can only sort of fit the cars in the ramp.


And just to add more about this month (I need to write these down to remember):

flew to Luang Prabang, Laos for my birthday, and made friends with a baby on the plane!
balanced on a swing!
learned that he could just pull a straw (since he couldn’t sip it) and lick the bottom to get a taste of the drink!
visited a Hmong Village where he saw and interacted with a lot of kids!
makes connections between prints and real-life things!
first train ride!
goes up and down his Pikler Triangle
finally caught him saying MAMA in a video without him crying!
-gave him his own dining spot
-a video of him choosing his cloth diaper
discovered how a closet works!
-has started practicing how to hold a cup properly (first did it successfully: July 16, 2017)
-said PAPA for the first time (July 18, 2017)
-July 19: crawled to the door and waited for Mama (then cried Mama and knocked) – video of his second time HERE
problem solves without asking for assistance and without crying
-pulls himself up using flat walls
-still traverses (and laughs when he falls)
went up and down the Pikler slide!
-practices walking by pushing his luggage
-stood without anything to balance on for a few seconds while we were in Singapore (July 01, 2017)
-super clingy (would keep saying “mama”)
-really likes following balls
-loves wheels and anything that spins (like my drawer’s handle that was loosely placed)
-goes to us whenever he wants us to read a book (brings the book with him)
-turns our light switches on and off (easier for him to press down – off, than up -on)
-practices sitting with more control from a standing position


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