As I’m typing this, my son is already 14 months, but I’m determined to update this until up to his 12th month, at least – for our own memories.

Here we go! A roundup of what mattered to Pablo between his seventh and eighth month:

  1. IKEA Play Book – He loved exploring this book at this stage. We brought this with us everywhere because it’s washable and doesn’t tear. He really enjoyed feeling the different textures! It was my favorite book to give when he needed to be in a carseat.
  2. Miniature Car Toys – His favorite thing to do with them was to spin the wheels!
  3. PABLO name puzzle – He loved taking the letters out!
  4. Galt Toys Classic Pop-up Toy – He loved taking down the whole thing so that the pegs would come out!
  5. Metal Treasure Basket (stuff from our kitchen put together in a basket) – He really loved exploring this basket — making sounds, holding them, taking them out, eating and feeling them, etc.
  6. Steps – He used this to crawl up and down, and also problem solve. He would sometimes get stuck, and would find a way to get out without assistance. He could easily spend a long time here.
  7. Hape Double Bubble Bead Maze – he still loved playing with this by moving the beads.
  8. Native Ball – he loved putting this ball (and taking it out) on top of his pull-up bar!
  9. Banana Teether, Infantino Ball with Spikes, Plan Toys Rattle – all used for more teething and mouth exploration!

And just to add more about this month (I need to write these down to remember):

-really started showing interest in his self-care shelves
-loves pulling my pajamas’ drawstrings, so I made him a DIY ribbon-pulling box care of Pinterest, but it did not hold as much interest after a while
-can comfortably move up to our bed from the mat
-crawls with knees up whenever on grass
-uses shelves and our couch as pull-up bars (much more than his actual pull-up bar and Pikler triangle)
-being offered choices with food
-being offered choices with cloth diapers
THIS fun time with papa
first tooth came out (May 27, 2017)
-pulled himself to a stand (May 29, 2017)
-loves kissing Mama’s tummy
-really loves mangoes!
-loves playing with water
-loves sugarfree yogurt!
-can stand carseats better now – though Manila traffic can really kill the momentum :-
knows how to find Mama – crawls to our room (connected by a sliding door) whenever he can’t find me in his!
-getting better body control and balance by the day!
-discovered how light switches work!
-has immense interest in zippers – he cannot zip yet, but he really shows interest whenever he sees one by touching it, feeling it, and moving it
-had his first taste of Sinigang!
-has started practicing his pincer grip!
-has object permanence already
-has started getting more mobile while nursing!
-found a way to go on top of his shelf on his own
-had a Boodle Fight with his Kuya Philip, and they both loved the food! So much that there was almost zero waste!
looks for solids in his soups!
-had a quick photo with me in the spot where we did our maternity shoot!
-had his first playdate (RIE playdate)!
-goes up and down his steps! and problem solves on his own when he gets stuck
-can catch himself from a fall
-practices walking (more like, traversing) by hanging on to shelves, headboards, couches, pull-up bars, or anywhere sturdy he can get his hands on

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