Apart from the photos of the monthly updates I post here for P (where there are too many things surrounding him – a beautiful reminder for us later on what mattered to him that time), my husband and I decided to make a separate shoot for him for the first year of his life – something clean.

Good thing my niece showed us a peg – a baby’s growth with a wooden play horse as background. My dad-in-law has a horse, and it’s antique! It was HIS play horse, so we thought it would look great in photos, plus it has a story, too.

When we first started this, my idea was to have P looking at the camera in one post, just to see his physical growth. But you know what happens when you follow the child, it often goes on another route, and I’m glad it did – because even though he’s not even looking in some of the photos, his progression was clearly documented – I should just really trust P with everything, he has better ideas. 😛

A caution to first-time parents who have the same idea as mine: your baby will grow up! What does that mean? That means it’s harder to keep them still for photos as they grow. Technically, I knew this, but it was still different when P was already there. So, before you use food as props, or use small things (like leaves or flowers or toys, etc) to spell your child’s name or age, keep in mind that your child will most likely eat them or scatter them way before you get to click your shutter – because they are items good enough for exploration, after all. They really seem Pinterest-worthy, but if you don’t want your child eating sweets especially before 1, maybe using sweets as props for your monthly photo is not a good idea. Just a heads up if you’re planning a shoot. 🙂

Sharing with you his first 12 months on Earth. How time flies.

P at One Month
P at Two Months – look at how much weight he gained!
P at Three Months
Still At Three Months – look at that smile!


P At Four Months
P At Five Months
P At Six Months – doing this downward dog position was my favorite sight at that time. I really enjoyed watching him do this almost all day!
P – he has learned how to go down from floor beds. We couldn’t even keep him still for the shoot! Also, it’s around this month that he started losing the “fats” and getting leaner. It’s the natural path most especially for breastfed babies — more movement = leaner body. I can learn from this guy. 😀
P At Eight Months
P At Nine Months
P At Ten Months
P At Eleven Months – trying to go up the horse.
Still at Eleven Months – pushing the horse this time!
P at Twelve Months – he was the one who put the baby for a ride! That’s his smile at us to tell us, “Hey Mama and Papa! Look at what I did there!”

There. A recap of P’s first year in photos.

Just a side note, although we definitely did not plan this, now, I’m thinking maybe that’s why P loves carousels so much! He fell in love with it the first time he saw one while on a trip to Paris, and I am not kidding when I say we’ve probably spent more than 50 euros just on carousel rides. Looking at these photos, I’m beginning to think his early and constant exposure (from these shoots) to a carousel-looking horse kind of contributed to that.

What better way to end this series of shoot with him than to give him a taste of an actual carousel ride. Unplanned but definitely the piece that made the puzzle whole. <3

Sacre Couer, Paris, France. November 2017.

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