So, you are going on a trip with your little one, and you have shopped for clothes already.

The next question is, how do you even begin packing? Is there a more efficient way to pack?

In this blogpost, I will share with you what works for me. You can search online for the most efficient way to fold different kinds of clothes, but at the end of the day, when you’re already at the destination, this technique is what saves me a lot of time – I don’t have to make an effort and think each day we’re out anymore. So for all our trips, this has been my way of packing for our little one!

Let’s begin.

I start with that kind of mess. I take out all the clothes I need for the trip. In this specific trip, it was for a fall to winter weather, so I took out all the clothes my son had for colder seasons.

And then I group them – for example, for this trip, I grouped all the long-sleeved tops on one side, all pants on the other, etc. Making categories is the easiest way for me to organize the mess.

From there, I make my pairings. And when I’m done pairing them, I put each pair in used ziplock bags. For this trip, since it was for fall-to-winter and my son did not have enough pants, I put all the pants in one large ziplock bag, and did that for his accessories, too (one bag for the bonnets, one bag for socks, etc). It was his tops that I paired and separated through ziplock bags.

Each bag contains paper where the whole outfit is written. So for example, in the photo above, only the tops were grouped, but the paper served as my guide as to what pants he would wear it with, what accessories, and what shoes.

A closer look.

Since our trip in France was two weeks long, I would wash my son’s clothes so that he could reuse them. I had extra papers for more “pairings”. So whenever one ziplock bag outfit was done, I would discard the paper and change it with a new set of outfit guide.

And then, to organize them neatly in our luggage, I put them in packing cubes.

This technique has really saved me time from thinking what he should be wearing per day when we got to our destination. All I had to do was check the weather for the day and take a look at which outfits would suit the weather most.

Another technique you can do is to pack efficiently (roll clothes, fold properly, etc), and when you get to your destination, put everything out and again, make categories (group all the tops together, all the pants together, etc). And then, decide on which item would be your first pick for every outfit (say, everything will depend on the T-SHIRT chosen each day). That way, you can just easily look at what top, bottom, shoes, etc would fit your chosen item. This technique works best if you’re only staying in one place and you have a huge space.

Otherwise, I swear by the first technique I just told you about. The other good thing about this technique I use is that it lessens your chances of having your child’s clothes all over the floor. See, when you have a toddler like mine, who we allow to explore on the floor, chances are, some time (or all the time) during your trip, your child’s clothes will move from the luggage to the floor. Haha. Thankfully, even if our son kept getting our luggage stuff to satisfy his need to take things in and out (and explore), we did not have to deal with complicated mess each time – the ziplock bags were such lifesavers!

Hope this post was helpful! Happy travels!

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  1. We are going on our first international trip with our 9-month old in tow. I am so OC I even made a spreadsheet of the checklist of things to bring and the possible pairings of his clothes. I am glad I came across your post because I was planning on just packing his clothes regularly and looking through my file. Putting them separately in ziplock bags would make it easier for me to in the mornings! Thanks! 🙂

  2. Yes, it really pays to have every detail written on paper. We can never truly rely on memory. Haha. Last December I made a mistake of failing to enclose a scribbled note of what’s inside the packed cubes, leaving me to unpack everything just to get what we needed at that time. So Thanks for this reminder. Good thing i clicked your post. God bless you more!

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