2017 is P’s second Christmas, and now that he is already 13 months, I made sure to really include him in our Christmas-themed home.

See, fixing our ground floor for Christmas has been my thing ever since I got married, and last year, I made the best decision of fixing it prior to giving birth – because I really had no time to do it anymore when my son came out.

This year, I dint have much time to make new decorations as well, so a lot of our decorations are recycled from last year (by recycled, I mean setup the same, exact way — cause I used to jumble up the setup every year), with a few additions with the child in mind.

So, that’s our receiving area. Our Christmas tree just has the following: Christmas Lights, Retro Bulbs, DIY star ornaments made from yellow pages, pine cones that I literally picked up from Baguio (with permission, haha), spray-painted pine cones from my friend Jamie, and a hanging DIY star (from branches from my in-laws’ tree – painted a la shabby chic). I made sure not to put a lot of pine cones and ornaments on the lower part of the tree and instead put something he is free to access and play with. So, underneath are the following specifically for him: a basket with balls, a camel stuffed toy – his fave from our Qatar trip, and a spray-painted plastic deer.

The MERRY CHRISTMAS sign with DIY trees on the side were made last year. You can check out the close-up versions HERE.

The lounge bed has this shell-shaped pillow that I saw while doing errands at a mall. I normally won’t buy this kind of pillow, but apparently, it’s an “in” thing now, though I did not buy it because of that. I bought it because it’s something for P. You see, when you touch the sequins and move your fingers up and down or side to side, it changes colors (from gold to silver)! P likes playing with it a lot – maybe because of the sparkling colors, or maybe because of the texture – or both. I find it fascinating, too!

The toddler-sized table in the middle just has balance blocks as display. P can use it for exploration and throwing, while the adults and my almost 4-year-old nephew can challenge ourselves for some balance game. It’s a fun activity for a gathering like Christmas!

Now, his area! So the graphic already explains why those things are there!

I put the fairy lights (battery-operated) above just for extra Christmas feels – it’s battery operated and very light, so I just used a tape to hang it. I got it from the store Typo, but I saw several kinds in True Value, too. I saw that Landmark also had battery-operated lights (in curtain form), but only in white. I’m not a fan of white lights – so I’d only go for either warm white, or a certain kind of yellow.

The small weaning chair is from Montessori on Mars, while the table was my TV table.

For this corner: the candy canes were a gift. While we were fixing this year’s decoration, my husband showed it to me and asked me if we could use it (or just sell/ keep it). I immediately saw it as an opportunity for P to work on his fine motor skills (if he likes). Since he likes playing with his hanger so much, I thought this could be good practice material, too. I brought down my accessory stand so I can hang some candy canes there.

Under it are the following: my Christmas van (it’s been part of our Christmas decoration since 2014) — perfect for his fascination with anything with wheels! Also, a small bowl for Christmas-themed exploration: an actual pinecone, a Christmas ball, a miniature gift, and a snowflake ornament!

Beside this corner are Christmas-themed books – both for adults (Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas editions and the like) and for our son (and nephew).

And then, his mini-Christmas tree!

It took me a while to find a tree I like for my son. We checked out department stores but couldn’t find anything we truly liked, until I saw this one.

We found it from True Value, for around PHP 1800. It’s a small Pine Cone tree (really small that P can carry it around), and it already comes with built-in lights (battery-operated). I love it because there aren’t too many branches (which might just encourage my son to keep on pulling – and unintentionally breaking), the size is perfect for my son, and the lights are built-in so I don’t have to worry about wires and all that.

For the ornaments, I was originally thinking of either using more of the candy canes, or get some miniatures of meaningful things for him (like a miniature carousel, or maybe his favorite miniature animals, etc), or just plain white Christmas balls that we already have. Upon checking the canes, though, they did not look nice. Same thing happened for the balls.

And then I saw DIYCorporateMom’s post about using wooden rings as ornaments. I suddenly remembered that while I only have 3 wooden rings that are teethers, I do have native wooden rings (not teethers, so not recommended for babies who still like munching and munching on things!) from Kamuning Market! So I used those instead. I put one ring and P put the other two after he saw me put one. The rest are still in the basket, waiting to be displayed by P. 🙂

Let’s move to the dining area! The centerpiece is, as my nephew named, a “Deer Park”! He just came back from Japan where they visited the famous deer park in Nara, so this display reminded him of it. I’m actually glad it’s a meaningful display even for him.

So, while eating, P and I talk about the miniatures, too! Of course, his favorite is the owl (Can you spot it on the image above? It’s kind of camouflaged, haha!).

Just behind our dining table is another table, where I usually put more Christmas decorations. This year, we decided to keep the Christmas village to a minimum (we have a lot of houses – because my mom gave me her collection, and my brother added more a few years ago!).

I just added a letterboard (from Lettergram PH) for this year, and maybe I’ll add some fairy lights or actual Christmas lights for a more complete/ festive look.

 The miniature people and animals are great for language building, too, most especially for my nephew.

So there, that’s our Christmas setup this year! Maybe I’ll still add a few touches (like I normally do) on Christmas Eve itself, but hopefully, this blogpost was helpful for you!:)

Let me know your ideas, too, and maybe we can all mix and match our ideas for future holiday decorations!:) Goodnight for now!

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