Thankfully, Pablo is still sleeping soundly, so I have time to update this.

Here’s a roundup of what mattered between his 6th and 7th month!

  1. Treasure Basket – Kitchen stuff for great sensory play! He really loved this set!
  2. Easter Basket – He loved trying to get this down to the mat from the shelf – one day, he finally did!
  3. Native Basket – wooden spoon, wooden teether, small anahaw fan (paypay), wooden rings – he loved exploring this basket!
  4. DIY rattle – I made this using silver bells and a small wooden clay rolling pin. Made it before he was even born, I think, but he only really appreciated it at this stage.
  5. DIY grasping beads – this is a traditional Montessori material – a set of wooden beads put together and offered to the infant around 3 months. Pablo enjoyed it around this stage, though. I made two versions: one from wood (just got wooden and silicone beads from a seller of teething necklaces and put them together – very easy and much cheaper!)
  6. Music Materials – rattles, DIY sound cylinders (using plastic bottles and different things for shaking – like coffee, corn, rice, etc)
  7. Silicone Teething Necklace – he started munching on this whenever I wore it and he could reach it
  8. Bead Maze – He loved this at this stage!

And just to add more about this month (I need to write these down to remember):

-can comfortably “eat” his toes
flew to Shanghai, China (visited Disney Shanghai care of my in-laws — it was a family trip with all of them!)
-visited museums in Shanghai
-can now do “all fours” position (also loves doing THIS position)
-slept poorly at this stage — would wake up to the slightest sounds or movement, and would wake up every 2 hours
-very clingy to me
-but also loves cuddling with me
-was getting better at eating banana (he could almost eat the whole thing!)
-can chew already
-eats banana, mango, avocado, papaya, apple, papaya, and coconut juice
-loves the DIY ribbon pulling activity I did for him
learned to like his nebulizer
loves “eating” mama’s face
-also knows how to “kiss” mama
-asked help
from me
-can move our carry-on luggage with ease
-went swimming for the first time (May 09) with Mama, Papa, and Kuya Philip
-said MAMA for the first time (May 12)
-can go down the mat from the bed
-has started moving forward and crawled on all fours for the first time (May 15)
-can stand up with help from his shelf (May 21)
-can squat
-can sit unassisted (May 24) — we never helped him to sit, he just sat on his own
-started working on his pincer grip
-likes papers and water bottles
-looks at food badly 😛
-experienced his first public transportation rides (bus and taxi) in Shanghai!

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