When I posted that I was packing for our trip on my Instagram stories, the question I got the most was: Where do you buy fall/winter clothes for your son?

Let me share them with you here.

First…let me tell you though, even if we only have 2 seasons in this country, these brands follow the 4-seasons, so they often come out with these outfits when the BER months start.


Old Navy often comes out with longsleeves, leggings, shoes, thick jackets, etc even for infants! The regular stores only carry the most recent styles, though. You might want to check out their branch in Estancia Mall – it’s so far the only branch I’ve seen where they have a huge section for everything old and on sale. This is where I first found thick jackets and blazers for P. If you’re looking for winter clothes during off-season, this might be your best bet. The saleslady told me we could also try their outlet in Santa Rosa, Laguna, but we were not able to visit it anymore.


This is where I found thin longsleeved tops for P. I love their fit on him. They also carry thicker sweaters, longsleeved tops, and a few jackets/ coats.


For me, they have the nicest collections in terms of the look. They have longsleeved onesies, sweaters, thick jackets, pants, bonnets, mittens, socks, shoes, etc. I was able to find soft-soled boots for P! This is my favorite of all. The prices are affordable, too!


Gap carries fewer fall/winter clothes than Old Navy, but they have the basics – jackets, button-down polos, sweaters.


This French brand carries a few items for the colder season, and the styles are so nice, too, but it’s pricier than many of the brands mentioned here.


Your best bet for real snow wear – perfect if you plan to really spend the whole day or do some adventure out in the snow! You can also check out ROX (for Northface and Columbia), but they definitely cost higher than Decathlon!


I love Uniqlo for their price, simple design, and quality. I’ve used them in multiple fall/winter trips – I am in love with their HEAT TECH (thin warmers that work!) line. However, they don’t have sizes available for P yet, but it really depends on how old your baby is, and his/her size. Do drop by and checkout if they have something for your baby.

[UPDATE: So, I’ve learned recently that they have a baby line (size 80/90), but it seems like their salespeople don’t know about it. I visited Robinsons Magnolia so many times about this, and they always see their smallest is 110 (size for 3 years old). I asked them, too, to check other branches, and they claim all branches have the same sizes. When I asked my friend who endorses Uniqlo and she double checked with Uniqlo, this is what she was told: All of our branches have the baby line except for Fairview, Glorietta 5, SM Dasma, Eastwood, Century City Mall, SM Rosales, Sta Rosa, Estancia Mall, SM Lipa, Robinsons Galleria, Solenad, and EVIA. So, Robinsons Magnolia branch should have. They also supposedly checked out SM Megamall and claimed there’s no baby size there, too. Oh well.]

I personally have not checked out their stores here in the Philippines, but I feel like they would also carry fall/winter wear. Maybe you can make a call before you visit.

As of writing, we are preparing for our long-haul flight later, and we heard the weather has dropped to winter level. Hope what I packed for my son will suffice. But if not, the other option is to buy when you get to your destination.

Just a few notes:

  • I know it’s good to prepare early, but when it comes to clothes, we all know babies can grow so big in such a short amount of time. So, you can try to buy the way we did – less than two weeks before the actual trip. Take into consideration that you have to wash them prior use, too, so avoid shopping last minute.
  • Bring your baby when you shop. Do not rely on their sizing, because it really depends on the brand and style. Pablo can still fit in a 2-4 (or 4-6?) months top/sweater by H&M, but for jackets (for the same brand), his size is much bigger. So best to really bring your baby and fit it on him/her if possible. For this reason, I do not recommend shopping online. Physical stores work better for this purpose.
  • Also, consider the layering you’ll do. You might want to get a jacket that’s a bit bigger if you will use a lot of layers, or longsleeved-onesies and leggings (that we will use as warmers since I haven’t found warmers for babies here – longsleeved onesies from H&M, leggings from Old Navy, or you can try your luck at the Centris Weekend Market – look for the tight-fitting ones, though!) that are really snug since they have to keep the cold from entering your baby’s body.
  • If you’re going to a destination with cheap shopping (like the US), you might also consider buying a few pieces here, and the rest there. We did that when we went to the US. We ordered online and had it shipped at my sister’s place there (or your hotel/accommodation). We made an exception with my stand on online shopping here, because in the US, it’s easy to return what you bought and exchange it for something else, and they’re also very lax with refunds. So I did not worry. You can also check each measurement for each item and gauge if it fits your baby – it’s more challenging than just doing a physical fitting, but if it can save you a lot of money, maybe worth the try!
  • In my experience, those puffy, bubble jackets are quite hard to use. We’ve used them in the US for P, and it was slippery when snow started falling on it. It was quite challenging to carry P not only because of that, but because he ballooned, too! So look for other kinds, or if you’ll get that, practice carrying your baby with it. Or maybe just consider this when your baby’s a steady walker already. Not when s/he’s an infant that needs to be carried all the time.
  • You can also try using baby carriers more – they add extra warmth. Or, look for blankets for strollers.
  • Last but not the least, bring OIL. Even if it takes a while for oil in colder countries to become liquid again, have patience and put it on your baby’s body. This really works for me, so we do the same for my son!

That’s it! Happy trip!!!:)

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    1. We just use whatever Virgin Coconut Oil we have, normally the ones from VPharma since that’s what we have a lot of.

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