Last month, we got an invitation for an overnight stay at SEDA Vertis North. Having lived in Quezon City most of my life, I was thrilled to know a SEDA Hotel has recently opened in Q.C. (very near Trinoma Mall)!

I’ve stayed in both Seda BGC (for one of our weddings anniversaries, heehee) and Seda Nuvali and truly loved our stays – they’re business hotels but I’ve always appreciated the homey feeling, and being under the Ayala Corporation, their support for Filipino Art can really be seen throughout their properties.

Anyway, it’s my first time to stay at a Seda Hotel with a child in tow, and so, my lens have changed — now, it’s not only about comfortable and clean rooms for me, but how family-friendly a destination and/or hotel is.

So, this post will really be about the things I love most in this hotel, and what I hope they can also improve in the future to make it even more family-friendly.


1.ROOM DESIGN (clean, comfortable, child-friendly)

There’s no need to explain why cleanliness and comfort are musts in ANY hotel, and so far, with the 3 Seda properties I’ve stayed in, I can say that they are consistent in keeping their rooms clean and comfortable. We stayed at one of their club rooms, which is one room higher than their standard room. The bed is very comfortable, but that’s already a standard of a good hotel, so that’s already expected.

What I Liked As A Parent:
-A round table for food/ laptop work/ writing that can easily be moved. Unlike bulky and heavy writing desks, this can easily be moved depending on our need.
-An ottoman which P used to pull himself up, while it served as a foot rest for us while we were hanging out in the sofa.
-Neutral tones – the overall design was not overwhelming/ too stimulating for a baby.
-Charge Kit for Gadgets – it’s a small kit with different cables for gadgets in case you forget your charger, or in our case, we just really preferred using it because of the concealed wires, and since P’s into holding any kind of wire these days, it was just really perfect.
-The floor only had a small carpet! This, for me, is a SUUUUUPER win. If you’ve seen some of my posts on Instagram, you’ve probably read me mention once or twice how I’ve started opting for wooden floors in the rooms when searching for a hotel. Why? Because a wooden floor is much easier to clean, and you know how messy it can be with children around. My mom came to visit us in the room and gave P a snack with lots of sesame seeds. There were sesame seeds all over the floor after he ate, but with most of them on the wooden floor, it was such a breeze to clean up. Also, I know children need germs to up their immune system, but hotel room carpets is a different story – strangers come and go everyday, and a vacuum can’t protect you from that many germs – which, although generally good, can also be harmful to a child whose immune system has not yet fully developed. (On a side note, we did bring our UV germ zapper from UV Care Philippines, so I’m less paranoid about hotel carpets nowadays, haha.)

-This low-table is my favorite hotel room feature!!! As you can see, it’s just the perfect size for P (and even a toddler). There was nothing in it except for a lamp, which was perfect, because that’s where I placed P’s materials for exploration. I just brought a few things in case he wanted to explore them – a ball, some music-related materials (egg shaker and bells in a water bottle), an empty make-up case for opening and closing, his favorite DIY coin can (picnic can and poker chips), plus a few books. This table was a WINNER!


The main difference between the hotel’s cheapest room and the second cheapest one (which is the Club Room) is the access to the Club Lounge (and the addition of a sofa bed in the Club Rooms). Access to Club Lounge entitles you to a separate area that offers buffet breakfast (though there is also buffet breakfast at the restaurant on the ground floor), afternoon tea, and cocktails. It also has all-day coffee, tea, and non-alcoholic beverages. There’s a pretty meeting room in this area, too, plus lots of work tables and lounge areas for hanging out. It’s already a staple for Seda Hotels to have iMac stations in their lobbies (guests can use this free-of-charge), but there are also a few in the lounge.

What I Liked As A Parent:

-Club Lounge access means less people, which is oftentimes what you need when you have a child with you. Like mentioned, even if there’s a buffet breakfast at the ground floor (which is open to the public), getting breakfast at the Club Lounge means less lines – time can be a great factor between a child who just woke up, and one who’s starting to feel hungry.


Okay, let’s clear things first. My husband and I are vegetarians, so, we dint get to eat 99% of the food in their restaurant, Misto. BUT…we did love the vegetarian meals the chefs have prepared for us. And let me assure you, this is not only because we were invited. We paid for our stay in Seda BGC before, and requested for vegetarian meals for our Wedding Anniversary Dinner, and we also loved the food they served. The salad on the photo – I cannot forget it. It was so, so, so good – apples, walnuts, arugula, a sweet and light dressing – fireworks in my mouth (haha, I’m a sucker for really good salads). I have to note though, that there aren’t many vegetarian-friendly meals in their buffet set-up, and all the more none for vegans. You really have to make a request.

What I Liked As A Parent:

-Their high-chair is small enough (and safe enough) to accommodate infants. And it’s the type with a stopper in the middle part. We’ve eaten in restaurants where the high chairs are only for toddlers (much bigger with no stoppers in the middle).
-Servers were all so helpful, most especially once they see a baby!


Seda Hotels, as mentioned, has always included Filipino arts and pieces in their hotels, and this is no exception. The photo above by designer Ann Pamintuan is my absolute fave!!! You will see the works of Vito Selma and Kenneth Cobonpue, as well as pieces from Coast Pacific. Drool, I swear. You know how hotels often have a typical look for their receiving areas (like a uniform look for lounge chairs and sofas)? With Seda, even if you’re not particular about chairs, you will notice just how gorgeous their collection is. That’s another thing I love about their hotels – art isn’t just displayed in the walls; art is living and breathing through the everyday materials, like chairs! Let me show you a few more in the collage below. But the photos below aren’t all of it yet – the pool deck is another area to love.

What I Liked As A Parent:

-Lots of cozy spaces to breastfeed and relax!
-Beauty all over the public areas. Our children become a product of their environment, so exposing them to beauty is really important to me. If P were older, it would be a perfect avenue to talk about textures, how materials make different outcomes, and how things are made. I appreciate hotels that take an extra step in making the guests feel important. I’ve always appreciated Ayala Corporation for always investing in Filipino artists, and making beautiful spaces — they really create spaces for visual appreciation even if it means lessening their spaces for rent or for general profit. You’ll see this value in pretty much all of their companies.


I cannot stress enough how we felt like we were in a coastal town while hanging out by the pool deck — absolutely gorgeous pieces of furniture in beautiful color combinations plus chillout music definitely transported us to the beach..except we were in the middle of the city! We all enjoyed hanging out there around 4:00 pm on a Sunday – thankfully, there were very few people. By the way, this area is also open to non-guests. You can just order food here – from breakfast to dinner!

And the spa…I cannot stress enough how much I missed going to a legit spa. Nowadays, the only massage I can get is through home service, so it was nice to spend an hour and a half at their spa. First, I did some steam and sauna, took a shower, had a quick foot wash (with roses and all that), and then had a massage. The best thing? It only costs around PHP 1000, and is open even to non-guests, PLUS, it’s either a couple’s room or solo room, yahoo! You know, I used to search for good spas in the Metro for some relax-time for me and my hubby, and I would always hesitate when I see the rates for a basic massage. That’s why I was so shocked when they told me the massage only costs that much, for a legit spa?!? I am definitely going back to Seda one of these days just to get a massage!

The rooftop – beautiful chairs, the view is okay, but the chairs more than make up for it. Oh, and they do have wine buffet from 4pm-8pm daily (there’s also an indoor room with beautiful hangout areas, too)! No slippers allowed in this area, FYI.

What I Liked As A Parent:

-There’s something for the parents – a spa, a gym, a pool, and wine buffet, cause seriously, we all need that every once in a while. Though I dint take a sip because…breastfeeding on demand, haha!


So that’s it for the things I love, and here’s a list of what I feel can be improved on:

-Bidet in their toilets! (I heard they plan to install bidets, so hooray for this!)
-View by the pool: The poolside is gorgeous, but because the walls are low enough for you to see the buildings outside, it’s quite distracting to see the buildings outside with no specific theme (like some are low, some high, some are parking buildings, some have constructions being done, etc – this isn’t their fault, but maybe if the walls were higher, we’d have less views of it). We tried excluding them in the photos, to be honest. Although, I feel that it’s only this way because this is just the start of the many establishments to arise in this area. I have faith in the taste and plan of Ayala Corporation, so i’m pretty sure they’ve already taken all this into account.
-Valet service. Coming soon, I heard.
-Children’s play area. For now, they convert one of their function rooms into a playroom during weekends, but nothing for infants. It’s more for older children since they set-up spaces for indoor sports.
-More rooms for their spa. Currently, they only have 4. With their price point and service, I really feel they can expand this to accommodate more people. I heard though that they’re coming up with more services (like foot spa) soon. So that’s also nice to know.


Overall, I really think Seda Vertis North is worth your consideration for a staycation in the Metro. The poolside and the rooftop bar and resto are great venues to hang out with family and friends. The South has a lot of hotels for staycation, while this side of the metro only has a handful. I would say in this area, this is your best option.

For me, the “beach feels” of the poolside alone is really worth looking into. Ever since I gave birth, leaving town has not been as easy. So sometimes, I long for that kind of vibe, and I’m just so happy there’s a place we can go to when we can’t leave the city but want a beach vibe (and no overnight stay is needed to access this area). Oh and the spa, definitely something I’ll go back to!

Anyway, just a little something…While I enjoyed hanging out at the poolside and getting a massage, being a mom has made me appreciate just staying in a hotel room the whole day, really. Just a treat for me and my husband! Hence the photos below…:P

Before I end this post, let me put some things that may be of importance to you, though not particularly for me as a parent of an infant during the time of visit:

Seda Vertis North is the only Seda Hotel in Manila with a ballroom/ function room. So you can hold huge events here.
-The Premier Rooms, Suites, and Presidential Suite have a bath tub.
-Their meeting rooms are gorgeous! I’ve seen them. There’s one in the Club Lounge, and a few in another floor, and I must say, they’re well-designed and inviting!


Hope this post helped you! Thank you Seda Hotels for the invite! My family and I had fun!

Just one last tip: try to visit on weekdays – weekends can be quite full of people.


If you wish to stay at Seda, you may book through the ff:

Astra cor. Lux Drives
Vertis North, Quezon City
1105 Philippines

Or through AGODA.

Have fun!


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