It’s been so long since we updated here. After our trip to the US, Pablo has just been really mobile so it’s been hard to update here.

He’s 9 months now but will still upload the months we missed.

Here’s a roundup of what mattered between his 4th to 5th month! We were still in the US when we shot this since we extended! It’s a good thing we were able to bring his 5 months onesie!

  1. Lotion – We dint really put anything on Pablo from birth – the humidity in the Philippines makes it possible for baby skin to stay supple even with no lotion or oil applied . But shortly after we got to the US for our more than a monthlong trip, dry skin appeared here and there. So I researched on what gentle lotion I can use for him. He’s using this brand until now.
  2. How Do I Love You Book – something I saw while shopping in the US. Love the message of this poem, speaks so much about how parents feel about their children, so we read this to him a lot.
  3. Skwishstill a favorite!
  4. Owl Puppet – his cousin Margaret bought this for him in IKEA, and it would entertain him especially whenever we needed him to stay put i. a carseat. PS: Now that he’s 9 months though, all the more he loves this! He really plays with it!
  5. Baby Fish Book – his cousin Angel bought this for him. It’s a finger puppet book. He liked it a lot when people read this to him.
  6. Spoon – I made a small basket for “familiar things” for him and this was his favorite to grasp!
  7. Teether – he used this more as a grasping tool than a teething aid.
  8. Carabiner – still attracted to them!
  9. Ball Cylinder – this is quite heavy for someone his size, but he seriously loved carrying it and watching it roll!
  10. OBall – he still liked playing with this a lot.
  11. Tiny Love Mobile – he still liked this a lot, too! He really looked forward to the crinkly sound!
  12. Plan Toys Rattle – This was more interesting for him at this stage. He liked eating it and making sounds by moving it.
  13. Mini pillow from Zyji – this was a lifesaver the whole trip. Whenever we needed his head elevated (he had cough and cold for a time), this would do the job. It’s so small and light that you can easily bring it with you!

And just to add more about this month (I need to write these down to remember):

-rolls effortlessly
-flew to US (12 hour flight highlights HERE and HERE), had jetlag but quickly recovered — sleeps more in the US kind of weather
-slept at 5:00 AM for the first time — jetlag!, plus him hearing my family talk just right outside our bedroom did not help at all, haha! He wanted to be part of the conversation!
-intentionally woke us up (in THIS VIDEO, he was waking up his papa!)
-loves family (he loves interacting with his aunts, uncles, and cousins! and he loved being carried by them!)
-enjoyed scratching my brother’s couch (video HERE)
-held up a water bottle! he didn’t stop till he succeeded and still did not stop till he was doing it with ease (video HERE)
-so interested in dogs. my sister who we stayed with when we visited the US, has 2 dogs, and Pablo looked and smiled at them all the time!
-took a trip to Lake Tahoe with family including his cousin Philip!
-can tolerate longer carseat rides (no choice – we were in the US for more than a month!)
-fascinated with his feet
-trying to open books!
-can pull a bucket of water!
-makes a lot of sounds
-went through some sort of sleep regression
-got sick during our US trip, but recovered without any medication needed

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  1. I really love your blog, by far the most informative one i’ve read for Manila bloggers. I’m expecting, and your blogs of your pregnancy have been very helpful and comforting (if that makes sense), i hope you can do an entry about your experience travelling with your toddler on international flights and your tips and advice, especially when flying to the US – i plan to do a trip next holidays.

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