Here’s more about our little one from 3-4 months!

  1. Wooden Rings – he loves grasping and biting these!
  2. Balls – He still loves his balls. His favorite would be the one his Ninang made for him, and the O-ball! He loves hitting them, grasping/holding them, eating them, watching them, and making his own game using them! He also accidentally hit his O-ball with his feet, and loved exploring the sensation!
  3. Carabiner – Just like his papa, he looooves them! We use carabiners a lot in our lives – in our daily bags, our travels, and for Pablo’s mobiles. I showed how we hang the mobiles in this post. After a while, we noticed how he really focuses on the carabiners – they come in different color and are shiny! So this became our accidental mobile.
  4. Skwish Toy – best buy ever (from Amazon)! This is his favorite for many things – as a teether, a toy, and just generally a point of interest!
  5. New Book – well, I got it from a second-hand store (new in the sense that I just recently introduced it to him), but he loves the book “Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes” by Helen Oxenbury! He really studies the images, and even tries to flip the pages. This is one of the things that calms him down when we put him in his carseat.
  6. Soft Blocks – another project of his Ninang for him (might be out for orders soon!). He tries to grab them then eat them. So cute!
  7. Tarsier Toy – well, it’s not really his favorite, but this is a reminder of his first airplane ride to where Tarsiers are found…BOHOL! We had a short vacation, though he got sick at the end of the trip. Bummer.
  8. Tiny Love Mobile – This is a mobile I can easily bring with us everywhere because it won’t get destroyed. It’s all black, white, and red images at the bottom, and a cartoony fox above. It’s also a crinkly paper (it makes a crinkly sound when you touch it)! So he loves this. He likes grabbing it, watching the black, white, and red images, and hearing the crinkly sound. His grandparents gave it to him last Three Kings. It’s washable, too, so it’s actually something I really like bringing when we’re outside.
  9. Green and White Woven Pillowcase – my husband and I use a small pillow when we sleep, and this is the cover I had made for them. It became an unintentional point of interest for Pablo. He really likes staring at it, feeling the texture, and holding it.


And just to add more about this month (I need to write these down to remember):

-his weight (Feb 25): 18 lbs
-his shoe size: 4 inches
-he loves grabbing fabric, most especially blankets, his papa and mama’s shirt, and his very own shirts
-he also likes using my shirt to cover himself when he’s nursing
-he still likes pulling mama’s hair
-we are both losing hair (post partum hairfall for me, and I think for him, he’s losing it to grow new ones)
-he still loves our morning or evening mirror time!
-he can focus for a long time, and bring his friends with him, too
-he’s getting better at cupfeeding – he gets the glass with his two hands and swallows well
-we hold hands a lot especially when nursing!
-his favorite mobiles: the ball, the dancers, and the butterflies
-he still sleeps long – he sleeps at a later time now, but wakes up later, too!
he laughs a lot
-he loves it when his papa plays with him
-when he’s really awake and I talk to him during nursing, he unlatches just to smile at me, and then he latches again
-he still likes eating his hand, or a few fingers…he seems to use it more now to soothe him
-he got sick, but thankfully, (I think) because he’s breastfed, even with a fever, cough, and colds, he wasn’t really cranky or lethargic – he was still smiling and laughing!
-he really seems to be teething, and my fingers seem to be the most effective teether
-we can stare in space for quite a while – we have our down time when we both just lie down in bed (beside each other), and do nothing
-we also do this in our rocking chair, too (or him and his papa)
-he flew to Bohol with us
-he got his first China visa
-he did a roll again while we were in Bohol (Feb 10), and we were surprised because he was sick and crying, then he just rolled
-after that roll, even when he was still sick, he would practice his rolls on his own – he did a lot of rolling practices last February 14
-when he wakes up in the middle of the night and doesn’t get satisfied with the nursing, he finds his own way to go back to sleep (he usually buries his face or body on me)
-he loves grabbing our arms (in my mind, he loves “hugging” my arms, haha!)
-he has gotten more graceful with his grasping moves
-he can entertain himself (just now, while typing this, he put a small pillow on his face, and figured out how to take it out –PS: of course, my husband is beside him and watching)
-he likes standing on his toes when I carry him while i’m sitting (i’m not sure this is okay – but he’s the one who keeps doing it! any thoughts?)
-my husband and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary a few days back, and we went to a farm in Pampanga with Pablo!

That’s it. Till the next month!


Pablo at One Month
Pablo at Two Months

Pablo at Three Months
Pablo at Four Months

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  1. Hi Ms.Paula, I’m a silent reader of your blog. And I’m enjoying reading all your posts. I just want to ask how do you maintain your milk supply, because it seems that you are not having any problem with it. Are you taking any supplement? Thank you and have a good day…

    1. Hi Sarah. Thank you. I don’t take anything to up my supply…However, since my work allows it, I am with him the whole day, which means he gets to latch on me each and every feeding. Supply and demand is the most important thing in breastfeeding. Since he is latched, my body tells me to keep on producing milk. Hope this helps!:)

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