Our son is three months old today – it feels like he’s been with us forever, but it’s just been three months! Three months I will never replace for anything!

So just like his FIRST MONTH and SECOND MONTH series, here are his favorites from when he turned 2 months to 3!

pablitoPS: His onesies is from IN THE CRIB | His name is from his Welcome Party event and was made by Ms. Maja of PASSION COOKS PH (Styling and Catering Company).

  1. Black and White Mobiles – he still loves anything black and white, most especially his wall of black and white images, AND this GIRAFFE print that he discovered while nursing.
  2. Black and White Security Blanket – He was gifted this security blanket from this store called Little Pepi, although I think the original one is an Australian brand. When I noticed that he’s been grasping every single fabric near him, I introduced it, and oh how he loves it! He looks so cute when he hugs it. Initially, my thoughts were: this looks like a skinned animal (!!!), but I just observed how he would use it, and now I understand why it’s designed that way.
  3. Gobbi Mobile – One of his favorite mobiles for this month! To learn about the mobiles I did for him, read this blogpost.
  4. Balls – If there’s one thing I got addicted to buying, it would be his basket of balls because that’s something I don’t have at home. I got him some plastic balls, and then other kinds of balls – rattan, tennis, cotton, etc. He’s not interested in all of them yet, but this O-ball we bought from Toy Kingdom is perfect for his little hands – it’s the first one he grasped! The puzzle ball my niece made for him is his favorite to bat. I put a garter on it so I can hang it, and he loves manipulating it. The other ball is something we got from Toys R Us. I forgot the brand but it twists and rattles, and he loves twisting it! The first time we introduced the ball to him, he was all smiles.
  5. Baby Book – Babies love looking at other babies! No wonder this book is a hit! He likes staring and talking to the babies in the book, just like how he would react at this postcard of a baby.
  6. Buttefly Mobile – Definitely one of his favorites now! He can look at them for a long time. I better start learning more about butterfly species!
  7. Print of a Damian Domingo Painting- There are 2 on his wall, actually, and he recently discovered them, and really spends time looking at the paintings! Sometimes, he would cry while in bed, and I would carry him and let him face the wall – then he would stare at either the baby postcards or the mother and child print.
  8. Postcard of the Beach – I brought that out to introduce the beach to him since we were going to the beach after Christmas! He still likes looking at it now!
  9. Plan Toys Wooden Rattle – He did not really mind this before, but he would take notice of the wooden sound now. He prefers the sound of wood over the usual bells for now. He’s not really grasping it yet, though.
  10. Music Box – This music box is one of his favorites to listen to! It’s really quite amazing how a baby as young as him can already

And just to add more about this month (I need to write these down to remember):

-his weight (Jan 25): 17.5 lbs
-his shoe size: 3.5 inches
he’s really talkative
he laughs a lot
-he likes routine in the morning and at night, but he’s also a certified LAKWATSERO (haha)
-when he’s really awake and I talk to him during nursing, he unlatches just to smile at me, and then he latches again
-he does a lot of eye contact
-he loves our mirror bonding! check it out HERE – he starts going wild the moment I put the mirror above us…this is our morning workout!
-he can stare at me for a looooong time
-he still likes eating his hand
-he loves grabbing FABRIC (also my shirt and his papa’s blanket) and MY HAIR
-he gets neck rashes from having too many folds 😛
-he sleeps even longer now (7 -8 hours at night)!
-he has outgrown more clothes now
-he got his very first US Visa
-one of the very first things he grabbed was THIS. This was 2 days after he turned 2 months old!
-his favorite mobiles: octahedron, gobbi, and butterflies!
-staring at the solihiya weave of our rattan rocking chair is also his favorite – he can stare at it as long as he does with his mobiles!
-he can stay longer without being carried now (and watching his mobiles), plus he observes a lot especially when we’re out
-he likes raising one arm as if in “protest” mode which is the cutest thing!
-we both look forward to our afternoon naps at the nursing chair or in bed
-he also likes grabbing the Tiny Smarts Crinkly Squirrel from Tiny Love that his Lola and Lolo gave him for Three Kings
-music he reacts to the most: Traditionnel Musette | Another Day of Sun and Somewhere in the Crowd from the movie La La Land |
tarting about last week, his grasping/grabbing skills has improved — he can really grab things now including the basket where his balls are!
-January 20: He turned from lying on back position to tummy time position all on his own! Too bad we weren’t able to capture it! I left him on a lying on back position and went to the other room to cut the butterfly mobiles. He just woke up and was looking at his black and white wall. After a few minutes, he was still quiet, so I decided to check on him. When I checked on him, I got shocked that he was already on tummy time position.

That’s it. I’m having fun observing him now that he’s two months going on three! Till the next month!


Pablo at One Month
Pablo at Two Months

Pablo at Three Months

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  1. Pablo is so cute! Thanks for sharing, Paula 🙂 Just want to ask though, what is your take on sleep training like cio (cry it out)? You mentioned he sleeps 7-8 hours at night, is that sleeping through the night or with wakes here and there? Thanks again and I find your blogposts to be informative 🙂

    1. Hi! 7-8 hours once a night is his sleeping pattern. No waking up here and there, that’s straight. He usually sleeps between 7-9 PM and wakes up between 2-5AM to feed. My sister calls it dream feeding because he only wake up (no need for us to turn the lights on and play with him) to feed, then sleep again. Since we’ve gotten accustomed to the sidelying position, we don’t move and we just lie down while he’s feeding, then we just go back to sleep.

      Initially, I wanted to do the Baby Wise method, until I realized that it is more for my convenience than my son’s. I like the fourth trimester method more, which believes that babies are still in transition mode for the first three months outside the womb. I think of it as having a visitor over and you know they are new in the area and know nothing about it yet, so you are more accommodating than usual. I find it more respectful and more in tune with nature. So I guess it’s obvious I am not for the “cry it out” kind of training.

      We did not train him to sleep at all, actually.

      We just realized after a while that his cranky bouts after dinner is him looking for my breasts, then he sleeps already for the night. So he chose his routine: which is nurse to sleep (like many babies, developmentally appropriate). So the moment we figured it out, we just adjusted to his needs and so far, we have no problems with his sleeping at all.

      Hope this helps!:)

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