So, for the nth time, I thought my last shower was the one before this. But as I was nearing my term, Ms. Jeyme of ONE TREE SOUTH (a PR and EVENTS company) contacted me and told me she wanted to give me a baby shower!

Because I was almost due when she contacted me, I told her it would probably be safer to hold the shower after birth, so we set the date to November 20.

It turned out to be a few days shy of my son’s 3rd week.

When I gave birth, I realized how challenging an idea it was. Challenging in the sense that I had not really adjusted that time yet. We decided not to get a yaya for our son, so it was just really me and my husband attending to the little boy day and night. So everyday, I hoped and prayed that by November 20, we would be better – especially in our breastfeeding journey. I was not confident to go out AT ALL during the first few weeks because we would always struggle during latching, so I didn’t know how we would do it in public if we couldn’t even do it properly at home.

The best move I made was asking Ms. Jeyme if we could just hold the shower at home. That way, if our son was tired and/or overstimulated, I could easily bring him up to his room.

November 20 finally came, and it woke me up with an intense stomach ache, the kind I’ve never had (for real)! What luck, right? I don’t know what I ate the night before but I seemed to have a really bad stomach flu that I was having chills, couldn’t stand up except to vomit, and was feeling dizzy. I was supposed to be down by 11:00 AM but at almost 10:00 AM, I was still struggling with how to stand up. Somehow, I was thankful to experience it though, because gas pain is common in infants, so I atleast had an idea what happens to babies who experience that. Honestly, I was trying everything I learned about babies and colic: the I Love U massage, the 8 massage, the bicycle exercise, and well, from my experience, of all those, the bicycle exercise worked the most!

Anyway, being a hands-on mom is a lot of fun, but until November 20, I couldn’t even put on a lipstick! Seriously. And I knew taking time to put on makeup and fix my hair while feeding on demand would be very tricky, so I called THE HAIR LOUNGE SALON to help me. They sent Noel to do my make-up and hair. I tell you, that was the first time I groomed myself since birth, and it felt really great! It may have just been a few weeks, but when you just gave birth and taking care of a newborn, a few weeks can seem like a really long time.


What I really loved about Noel is how fast he worked. He was done with both hair and make-up in 40 minutes, but without sacrificing quality. I usually put my hair down for events, but decided to have an updo this time for easier breastfeeding. I also made sure to get a breastfeeding-friendly dress so I could easily feed my son. It’s called POET DRESS and I got it from CHICIFY.

I was having chills when Noel was doing my make-up and I was still figuring out how I could go down and face the guests (who were starting to arrive one by one). It’s such a blessing that the host for the event happened to be NURSE JOYCE, my lactation consultant (she does hosting, too!). I lay down again after Noel did my hair and make-up and asked my husband to please call Nurse Joyce. When she went up, I couldn’t talk much and was still having chills (and cold sweat) and she told me to just rest and asked my husband to buy Erceflora. She took care of my son while I was in bed. AND then, as if some miracle was sent my way, while waiting for the medicine, I had an urge to vomit – so I rushed to the bathroom and vomited about 5x! After that, whew, I felt sooooo much better! As in I could stand up and walk normally again! Wooohooo!

When I finally went down, I couldn’t believe just how pretty the set-up was! It was styled by PASSION COOKS PH, a catering and styling company (they took care of the meal, too!). Ms. Maja did such a wonderful job – everyone was so happy with the set-up!

Ms. Jeyme asked if I wanted any specific theme, and I just told her something about reading – Eric Carle books perhaps. And this is what Ms. Maja came up with — such gorgeous work, right?


I especially loved the centerpieces! Such beautiful detail.

The food, although I was not able to eat much, was enjoyed by everyone. Walang tira. My family and friends brought home the leftover food! For the vegetarians, pomodoro and a bite-size mushroom dish was prepared (this bite-size mushroom dish which I think is mushroom vol-au-vent, by the way, was loved by everyone!).  Another favorite was the Oriental Salad (Crispy Catfish with Mango-Tomato Salsa). I was not able to try their Chocolate Cream Puffs, but that was a winner, too!

Aside from Passion Cooks’ meals, we were also treated to pastries by TOUS LES JOURS, a Korean bakery which I totally love visiting. When I was living in Eastwood, I would hoard their vegetable croquette! We also had ice cream from BASKIN ROBBINS and cotton candy from LOLLIPUFFS. My nephew, who loves both Minions AND seaweed (yup, a 2.5 year old child can like, no, loooove seaweed!) couldn’t forget the Minion Cotton Candy he had from Lollipuffs!


The actual program was fun, or so I was told. I missed pretty much more than half of it because I was either catching up on my rest, having our family photos taken (this was supposed to be before the program, had my stomach been well), or feeding baby P. But I’m so glad my friends were so game in participating in the games – where CETAPHIL and OGALALA STORE AND ONLINE SHOP Philippines gave away prizes (Love that they had a lot of Melissa & Doug products to giveaway)! I was actually able to join one, too! It was a guess the title of the song game, and all the songs they played had the word baby in it. Sadly, I was not able to guess the newer songs. The only song I was able to guess was Baby I’m A Want You by Bread. Yup, my age and type of songs show. 😛


Everyone went home with something, either from CETAPHIL, OGALALA, or both. And then everyone was given a mini travel pillow souvenir care of AR SOUVENIR SHOP.

Baby P, on the other hand, was so lucky to have been given the following:

  • CETAPHIL BABY SET – body wash, lotion, etc especially made for babies! Although we’re still using something especially meant for babies up to 6 months for now, this is also a good brand to use for when he’s older!
  • ERGOBABY CARRIER (MODEL: ADAPT) – this model by ErgoBaby no longer needs an insert for newborn use! Awesome! So far, we’ve succeeded in using it which you can see HERE. To learn more about this model, view THIS.
  • MAXI-COSI CARSEAT (VELLO 70) – one of the most-sought after carseats is this convertible carseat from Maxi-Cosi. It works for newborn (9 lbs) to 7 years old (up to 70 lbs, 52 in)! Imagine that! One carseat for the years ahead! Not only is it more cost-efficient, it’s also a “comfort” provider for my son! We’ve used it several times already and we’re happy with it! To learn more about this product, you may click HERE.


I’m beyond grateful that Yosef and April of HAPPY FOLKS MANILA were there to take photos – it was really fun going through all the pictures they took and see the fun we all had (even though I missed more than half of it).

Here are some of my favorite stolen shots! I was so excited to make this collage! I love how my sister was shushing to calm baby P down, how my friend Lia was playing with her daughter, how my mom-in-law was so busy taking photos of her new grandson, and how my niece was reading to my nephew. Such beautiful stolen moments!


And if they took photos of my friends and family, they took shots of us, too! And they’re so special to me because they’re the first photos of us as a family – other than our photo in the hospital!

My husband and I were too busy to groom ourselves for a decent family photo before this event, so we’re really thankful to Happy Folks for taking our family photos!

pablove-family-photo1 pablove-familyphoto2

And here’s a lovely photo of my two boys:


This was truly one memorable event – an afternoon full of fun, laughter, friends, and family. It truly was a beautiful baby / welcome shower. We wouldn’t have wanted it another way (well, except for my stomachache). Thank you again, Ms. Jeyme of One Tree South for arranging all this. It was intimate and beautiful.


To recap, here’s a list of our partners and sponsors, whom I’d like to thank again for making this event a successful one:

CATERERPassion Cooks PH
PHOTOGRAPHERHappy Folks Manila
PASTRIES AND DESSERTSLollipuffs Cotton Candy | Baskin Robbins Ice Cream | Tous Les Jours Cakes And Pastries
TRAVEL PILLOW GIVEWAY – AR Souvenir Shop (aka Party Needs)
HAIR AND MAKE-UPThe Hair Lounge Salon
HOSTNurse Joyce Martinez-Zaragoza

And for baby P’s ERGOBABY CARRIER and MAXI COSI CARSEAT, thank you Richwell Company! You may check it out at OGALALA STORE (L4 East Wing, Shangrila Mall). This store carries a lot of Melissa & Doug products, too, a brand that carries a lot of wooden and educational toys! (Side note: What I also love about Ogalala is how you can “create your own Crayola set” when you go there – the colors are out like in a buffet so you just choose the ones you need and/or covet!)

*** By the way, we did have a little more fun after the program. My friend asked us to do the MANNEQUIN CHALLENGE. You may watch it HERE. My son won this round, didn’t he?:P

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