From our PRENUP shoot, to our maternity slash paternity shoot to our baby’s newborn shoot (he was 11 days old here), the camping-slash-birdwatching travel series has been present! They’re the “glamourous” versions of the camping and birding we do in real life, but we’re so glad that our shoots represent even a bit of our reality and style instead of just a random concept.

For this shoot, our photographer Jamie Espadilla-Mapagu of JAMIE AND BABY (Jamie Mapagu Photography) did all the styling at the comfort of our home.

I think it’s amazing how she was able to setup a mini-camping area in literally a small area of our room! I especially love the Christmas feels of the photos of this set. I can’t wait to go camping with our baby!


For the second set, with just Jamie’s scarves and mine (plus our bed), she was able to capture these! Our son is just a month now but wow, looking at the photos…he was still so small here. I’m really glad we did a newborn shoot – so much has changed in a matter of weeks!


For the last set, we used my BELLY CAST (which I had done on my 36th week) by Casted Treasure. Look for Ate Lans! They will visit you at home so just set a schedule with her – my advice: don’t set the casting too early! Since I gave birth on my 40th week already and the shoot was done 2 weeks later, the belly was a bit small already (rather, my little boy outgrew it) and he no longer fit the way we envisioned it (like THIS, THIS, or THIS). But he still looked so cute sleeping on it! Jamie even caught him smiling in his dream state.


Doing a newborn shoot is a lot harder than I thought. I must really give it to Jamie for being so patient in waiting – waiting for moods and facial expressions, and for his schedule (not sleeping yet? nappy change? wait some more). It really takes patience and love for kids to be able to do newborn shoots! And no matter how much you plan, you cannot really tell what your baby will do during the shoot – so it pays to have a photographer who has vision and can see beyond your pegs. It also pays that s/he’s alert and can adapt to changes because newborns are very unpredictable subjects! Jamie is one of those photographers.

She can do styled shoots or just simple, no frills shoot (depends on your style, really!) But I must say, she’s really gifted in styling (you can check out her styling company called FLORA AND FERN HERE), so if you can do even just one styled set with her, I encourage it.

Some of her styled works may be viewed HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE (trust me, there’s a lot more that are not uploaded).

To book for newborn/ maternity/ family shoots, you may contact Jamie directly by emailing jamieandbabylifestyle@gmail.com.

You may also check her INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK. To see more of her works, you can also checkout the hashtag #JamieAndBaby on Instagram!

EDIT: She has now changed her Instagram to: JamieMapaguPhoto

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