Our son turned a month old today!

We’ve been thinking of how to take the “monthly” photos of him since that’s what everyone’s doing now and honestly a great idea! Imagine keeping track of his growth in a year! I’ve been on Pinterest for so many days just looking for inspiration, and I can’t seem to pin anything I really want to do.

Then my husband, Mr. Practical, gave me the best idea – he told me to just do a flatlay of the things we find most important/ most used each month. That way, it’ll bring back so much memories when we look back at them later on.

He’s so right. I can imagine getting sentimental over the sight of a thermometer in the photo (I would be like “Remember those times when we were so paranoid we’d keep checking his temperature cause we weren’t sure if he’s feeling hot or cold?” Haha.

So here it is: our little one on his first month on Earth, and what we used/he liked most this month:

pablo1monthaPS: His onesies is from IN THE CRIB | His name is from his Welcome Party event and was made by Ms. Maja of PASSION COOKS PH (Styling and Catering Company).
  1. His Black and White Mobiles – at this stage of their lives, they say babies like high-contrast images the most since their eyesight is not fully developed yet (contrary to what some believe though, they DO SEE, just not that clearly yet). Black and white is the easiest high-contrast combination, and Pablo really seems to be drawn in them. We put black dot wall decals (from White Walls PH) on his white wall and he can stare at them for 20-30 minutes! When he’s in our bed or downstairs, we use the portable zebra print which we put on an acrylic stand. And when he seems to be in a really good mood, we bring out the hanging mobiles.
  1. Aside from his mobiles, he also loves staring at the mirror! He’s fascinated with the images he sees from them, and likes moving a lot when he’s looking at the mirror – I guess he enjoys seeing the movements come to life (and slowly figuring out cause and effect). He can do this mirror staring for about half an hour, and when he starts to get overstimulated, he pulls his hair. Haha!
  1. Lampin – because he’s still small, the smallest fit of his cloth diapers doesn’t fit him yet, so we got lampins (gauze cloths)! We prefer this over disposables because his skin can breathe more, it’s environmental-friendly, and less absorbent. Why on Earth do we want it less absorbent? Because at this stage, they still get uncomfortable with pee and poo on them (so they cry and complain right away!), but if you keep using super absorbent diapers (aka disposables), they get so used to it that they no longer mind it after a while, and then it gets hard to potty train them. We still use disposables for now though, at night (so we can all sleep better), and when we’re out.
  1. Waterproof Mats – Because lampins are not that absorbent, we need to put waterproof mats under him. We started with a small rubber diaper mat (the blue one in the pic – it’s from Baby and Company), but he moves a lot, so we found this super cool “pee catcher mat” called PeeCatchU from Fabrika MNL: the top is cotton so it’s breathable for their skin, the middle part is made of an absorbent layer, and the bottom is made of a waterproof material. So far, it really works. No pee/poo gets beneath the mat so we don’t have to worry about constantly wetting or staining our bedsheets!
  1. Swaddle Blankets – he only liked being swaddled the first few days, so we don’t swaddle him anymore, but the swaddle cloths are so useful – they serve as his protection from any surface, as a burp cloth, as shade in the car, etc. Our swaddles are so used at this stage. We have some from Carter’s, Ziggybaby, Aden + Anais, and from Little Remi. I must say, Little Remi wins! The cloth is soooooooo soft, and just gets softer with each wash! I bought ours from Amazon.
  1. Baby Blanket – he loves his blue and white polka dot blanket from Baby and Beyond! We use it when we do skin-to-skin, when we’re nursing, when he’s taking a nap, etc.


  1. Omron Ear Thermometer – since newborns are not so adapted to self-regulating their temperature yet, this has saved us from paranoia! Haha!
  1. Baby Blue Giraffe Nail File – used this from day 1, actually, since this specific product is made for delicate nails. This is much easier to use than a regular baby nail clipper (less scary for parents, yey!). You can get it from Mommy’s Little Boss.
  1. Nasal Aspirator – This was very useful for us especially the first week. I’m not sure if it’s because he was peeling that time (hence some peeled skin on his nose) or he really had mucus, but the nasal aspirator was such a savior! Super easy to use and he hardly complained whenever we used it. We got this from Orange and Peach.
  1. Sacred Baby Wash – we give him a bath everyday, but don’t use soap everyday (maybe 3-4x/week only). But when we do, this is the brand we use (the mildest, most gentle brand in the market so far).


So there!

pablooneweekPablo at ONE WEEK – set design by his Papa (care of his Papa’s clothes, haha!)

And just to add more about this month (I need to write these down to remember):

-he gained 2.7 lbs since birth
-he grew about an inch and a half since birth
-he loves sleeping (especially beside mama)
-he loves hugging mama (and will hold on to mama’s breast as long as possible)
he loves skin-to-skin with mama and papa
-he cries for communication
-he loves his black dots and black and white mobiles
-he also loves his mirror
-he loves these feeding positions: sidelying and australian hold
he mimics tongue out with mama
-he does eye tracking exercises with papa
-he often smiles in his dreams
-he scratches papa’s neck
-he holds papa tighter when they go down the stairs
-he doesn’t enjoy long baths yet (but enjoys tiger in the tree position)
-he loves being carried
-he loves it when Mama hums
-he can turn head from one side to the other
-he pulls his hair when frustrated
-he likes moving A LOT
-he can’t stay long in a carrier yet (he complains!)
-he loves the outdoors
-he loves tummy time position (all day if possible)
-he can turn from tummy time position to lying-on-back position
-he likes cluster feeding and comfort nursing (oh, and eating his hand!)
-he sleeps well on most nights (3-4 hrs in general, 5-6 on really good nights. 1-2 hours on fussy nights)
-he falls asleep easily on his grandmothers’ arms (both sides)
-he looks so cute when he does the moro reflex, the mouth opening before feeding, and when he’s at the REM stage of sleeping
-he turns so red when he cries (and now has tears)
-he intentionally smiled at mama today

Happy One Month on Earth baby. Thank you for coming into Mama and Papa’s lives! We love you!


Pablo at One Month
Pablo at Two Months

Pablo at Three Months

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