Just got home from another baby shower!

After Baby Shower #3 was over, we really thought that was it. And then last week, my sister-in-law told my husband that she plans to throw us a baby shower for my husband’s side of the family, and if we still had time for it.

We all met up in the afternoon, and we were surprised that my sisters-in-law even decorated my in-laws’ place for the shower. My mom-in-law was telling us how they spent the whole afternoon yesterday just to make the decorations, and they’re not even the type to do these things on a regular basis. So touching!

We had simple, yummy home-cooked meals for merienda (Pansit, Tofu, Lumpiang Shanghai, Fresh Lumpia, Barbecue, Buko Salad, and Ginataan) and this baby-themed chocolate cake!


When the guests arrived, we played three games: 1) Guess the chocolate in the diaper | 2) Beer in a Bottle Contest | 3) Questions About Paula and Charlie

The first two games were also played in our Baby Shower #1, but it was still super fun!

The questions were fun, too, thanks to my sister-in-law who did the interview. Questions like “Paula and Charlie initially thought they were having a girl. Which of the following names did they consider?”,What was the first item they bought for baby P?”, “What was the first thing Charlie did when he found out Paula was pregnant?”, and “What is the theme of their nursery?”.


When all but the immediate family was left, they thought of putting in money and a bet on when baby P will come out. As you can see in the last photo (right side), they have their own guesses.

Only my son will know. He’ll come out when he’s ready. But it’s exciting to know who comes closest!

NOTE: Shoutout to our sisters-in-law Cara and Idy for organizing, designing, and planning the shower. Thank you also to our cousin-in-law Malou for helping out.

See you soon, our little one! I think all the showers are done. 😛

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