The moment one gets pregnant…the question of maternity wear seems to come to mind. At least it did for me. But you know what I’ve learned? It’s best to just wait until your grow big enough to fit into your normal clothes. Being a curvy woman, I honestly thought I would get so big, but I was wrong. It is apparently thinner people who usually get “stretched” out much more, and much earlier. So up until my fifth or sixth month (or even seventh) perhaps, there really was no need for me to wear real maternity clothes. By real, I mean clothes that were really designed with maternity in mind. Well, I also love loose dresses, so they worked to my advantage this pregnancy; I did not have to buy a lot because I’ve already invested in maternity-friendly dresses prior!

In this post, I’ll share with you my favorite maternity and maternity-friendly brands/ styles.


#1: ELIN – Elin is a local brand that sells maternity and nursing clothes. What I really love about them though is that their styles are very friendly even to women who are not pregnant. The pieces you can get from here may be considered investments because really, you can use them even a long time after you’ve given birth. Their DANIEL dress is my favorite; the style is just so classic! Their nursing dresses are worth getting, too, especially if you’re the type who’ll often be out and breastfeeding. You can check them out HERE. PS: Their prices are very reasonable and affordable, most especially for the style and quality of their clothes.


#2: BODY-HUGGING TOPS/ DRESSES – If you want to flaunt your belly, body-hugging wear (even as inner clothing) works! I love the stretch tank tops I have from Cotton On, and the maternity support (which can work as a dress) I bought from Blanqi (local distributor: Urban Essentials Inc). Blanqi was quite heavy on the pocket, but I was able to use it many times during my pregnancy – as sleepwear, as dress for the maternity shoot, as inner clothing when I wanted to show my belly, etc. For me, it was worth the purchase. It’s supposed to help you by supporting your body when you start having backaches, too. I still don’t have backaches so I cannot guarantee if it works, though many women swear by it.


#3: OLD NAVY – When I was on my first trimester, we flew to the US to visit my family. I did some Old Navy hoarding there (although there is Old Navy in the Philippines already, just not sure if they have a maternity section) and that’s where I got my maternity shorts, skirt, and pants. I got 1 skirt and 1 pair of shorts, plus 2 pairs of pants. That’s it. My sister bought dresses for me, too (like the one in the photo). They’re not maternity dresses, actually, but free-flowing so they fit me until now. I was not able to use the shorts, skirt, and pants during the first part of my pregnancy, but on the third trimester, they proved to be very useful because my thighs got bigger, too. What I love about Old Navy is that their price points are very affordable, and the styles are very basic (which I prefer).


#4: CHICIFY – Speaking of basics, this online shop has always been a go-to. The white dress I wore for our baby shower is not a maternity dress, but the fit is supposed to be very loose. I love how it looked on me on my 8th month, though. To browse their store, click HERE.


#5 – COLE VINTAGE – This store is not a maternity store as well, but they do have a lot of dresses (check out their maxi dresses – the one I am wearing is called Dianara) that are made of stretchable fabric, so they can be used all throughout your pregnancy. Price points are not bad, too. You can check their online shop HERE.


#6: HARLAN + HOLDEN – For the ultimate basics with great quality and edge, this local brand is my go-to. However, I can never buy a lot from this store because the price range is quite high for me. I consider them investment pieces, though, because I can wear them over and over and the styles are the type that last forever. I was not able to take photos of me wearing Harlan during my pregnancy, so the photo above was taken before I got pregnant, BUT, that top has been used several times in the course of this pregnancy. What I always say about Harlan is that if you’re thin, you probably don’t see much value in it because even more affordable brands could look great on you, but if you’re plus-sized like me, the brand is hard to resist because you get nice, everyday pieces that actually look nice on you. In this country, getting plus-sized pieces can still be a challenge (although it’s improved a lot in the last few years), but I know that when I walk into a Harlan store, I’ll find something that fits me well.


#7 – UNIQLO – Not all pants and dresses of this brand fit my body type, but I was lucky enough to find pairs of pants (garterized on the top, sort of like the maternity pants) before in black and navy blue and they’ve been my favorite pairs since. I was able to use those pants until the sixth or seventh month of my pregnancy. If you’re thinner than I am, there’s probably a lot you can find in that store – at amazingly good deals, too!


#8 – LOOSE DRESSES – Whether they be kaftan, maxi dress, tunic, or daster (I swear by dasters!), they’re easy wear for pregnant women. If you’re starting to feel heavy, you can wear a maternity belt underneath for extra support. I got the dress in the photo above from Cococabana in SM at a very affordable price. But cannot go wrong with them. They’re very cheap and you can wear them all day. My mom got me a few pieces from the market, and they’re my favorite sleepwear (Some designs are really colorful for me, though. So yeah, they remain at home. Heehee! If you can point me to a store for plain dasters, that would be awesome!)

What brands/ types of clothes did you enjoy wearing when you were pregnant? Next on my hunt…nursing wear. I already have ELIN, but will be on the lookout for more! Feel free to share your tips and finds in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi Paula, I gave birth 9 months ago but I still prefer wearing my maternity clothes (plus size mama here). I really like the dress you are wearing in the 2nd photo but can’t find it in the Elin website. Can you please share where you got it? It would mean a lot! And thank you for this blog! I enjoy reading it even if I’m not pregnant anymore.

    1. Hello. Do you mean the beige dress? It is from Elin. I guess it’s out-of-stock. 🙁 But they usually restock… Thank you for your kind words!:)

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