I first met photographer Jamie Espadilla-Mapagu of JAMIE AND BABY in our house, where my sister did part of her maternity shoot back in 2014.

When my turn came for a maternity shoot, she suggested that we go out-of-town and I kept joking her that it’s so ironic how she has been to our house a couple of times to do shoots for others, but that she planned to kick us out of our home for our very own.

Anyway, I’m glad I accepted her offer to go out-of-town for a maternity shoot on my 8th month (we ended up in Baguio, my husband and I’s favorite go-to place!) because my husband and I had a chance of another getaway before I pop and because wow, the photos Jamie took are simply beautiful!

I am honestly not comfortable with maternity shoots where they make you wear just your underwear so you can show your belly. It’s beautiful on other women, but I’m just really not comfortable with the idea of my own shoot to be that way. I’m so glad Jamie had other plans for me (I guess she figured that type is not me, too). She showed me her pegs and we were laughing because it looked more like a prenup shoot, hence the maternity shoot became a maternity slash paternity shoot. And I wouldn’t have had it any other way. After all, it’s not only I who’s about to welcome a child into this world – it’s a milestone for both me and my husband.

I love this because this is so us sans the glam look. I mean, we totally don’t look that way when we go into the woods (I’d have no make-up on, and would probably be wearing pants to minimize the insect bites). But this encapsulates my husband and I’s adventures – and the biggest adventure about to come!


Another thing that is so us…when we’re in Baguio. I’m glad someone finally caught this “moment”. Whenever we go up, roasted marshmallows are surely in our list of things to do. Before I met my husband, I did not eat marshmallows at all. I don’t like the texture unless it’s roasted, that’s why. He taught me the joy of roasting it on fire and eating it right after. Yum! I love the feel of this set.



Still so us. This is why I love the photos and the ideas of Jamie. On our last day, we brought her to one of our favorite spots in Baguio, Arca’s Yard, and even though I had very light make-up on and my hair was not fixed (just for the very first photo of this set), she still shot us. She just couldn’t stop shooting when there’s an angle she sees. And we loved the results!



I am not at all confident in my make-up skills for shoots like this, so I asked for Jamie’s help in finding a Baguio-based make-up artist. Thankfully, we found a handful, actually, and we ended up working with Shanesse (makeup) and Michael Vite (hair). They’re a joy to work with! Michael fixed my brows and I really loved how he shaped them (in fact, I was admiring them the next day – when all the make-up was gone, haha!). He also succeeded in keeping my hair curled for a long time (this has always been a challenge and he finally gave us tips on how to do it! It worked!) Shanesse, on the other hand, did a fantastic job in doing my make-up – I love how light her hands were and how the whole look came out. My mom called me to tell me she loved my make-up, yey! I’m really glad I met these people.

Before I share the details of how to book these people, I’d like to share what I’ve learned during our shoot which you can probably apply for your maternity shoot, too:

1) CHOOSE A COOL LOCATION. The “pregnancy heat” is real. It’s a good thing we chose Baguio as a destination on a September so it was not hot at all. Thankfully, it did not rain during the shoot, too. My make-up stayed longer (which is good because Shanesse and Michael did not stay for the whole day), and I did not feel so hot even though I moved a lot.

2) INHALE/EXHALE TO BLOW/INFLATE BELLY. To make your belly rounder, it has to be exaggeratedly blown when you inhale (yoga/pilates style) or exhale (general breathing style). Also, cup the bottom part of your belly with your hands to emphasize the shape of your belly.

3) FOR THE BEST BELLY SHAPER, GO FOR BODY-HUGGING WEAR. I really loved using my stretchable tank top from Cotton On and the Blanqi maternity support dress (local distributor may be found HERE) for the shoot. I actually bought the Blanqi dress (the black dress I was wearing in the woods) because it’s supposed to help with back pain especially on the latter part of pregnancy. Fortunately though, my once-a-week pilates worked, so I am not having back pains. I still love using the Blanqi whenever I want to emphasize the shape of my belly, though.

That’s it!

If you’d like to book Jamie, Shanesse, and Michael:
(PS: Jamie is Manila-based but can work anywhere. Her rates are affordable! Shanesse and Michael are Baguio-based, but they can also work anywhere! Their rates are affordable, too!)

Jamie Espadilla-Mapagu of Jamie and Baby
Instagram: @JamieAndBaby

Shanesse Avery
Instagram: @makeupbyshanesseavery
Facebook: Avery Visage

SMS/Viber: +63917-5211930 (Globe)

Michael Vite (he’s also a makeup artist)
Instagram: @iviteeeeFacebook: Michael Vite

Baguio Country Club | Camp John Hay (general area behind Le Monet Hotel) | Arca’s Yard
We brought all the props though, like the tents and all that!

From the bottom of hearts, thank you Jamie, Shanesse, and Michael. And a special shoutout to my niece Nica for coming with us and helping us all the way! Thank you also to Jamie’s husband Derrick who went up with us and took videos of our behind-the-scenes (due to boredom? haha!).



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