I’ve shared Baby Shower #2 first, and now that the photos (and video) are here, I can finally share our Baby Shower #1. Whee!

I finally got the photos of our Baby Shower #1, organized by my good friend Mishy, coordinated by another good friend Lia, and styled by another good friend Sheryl! This group is a funny bunch! Some of them are friends from college, some from volunteer work (we’ve gone from up North to Sulu and Basilan!), and some from my former jobs. They all have very different personalities, so when Mishy was telling me about how funny their “Viber Group Chat” was for this shower and giving me samples of their comments, I was really laughing out loud. It’s only now I realize how extremely varied this group is – and how much I appreciate all of them for working together in spite of their differences to celebrate this milestone with us!


This is another intimate shower which felt more like a bridal shower I never had! We had games that included licking and smelling (I told ya, it seemed like a bridal shower!), drinking beer, and of course, well-wishes and advice for the new parents-to-be. The games were planned by another friend who couldn’t make it to the shower (thank you, Tracy)! When we went in the venue, I was surprised to see Tim of Tim and Co taking videos for us! Tim is one of the people who took footages of our wedding. He’s really good! And…we had a caterer, too! Everyone loved the food that The Posh Caterer served. I especially loved the eggplant dish with dip that they served. Vegetarian, yummy, and enjoyed even by the meat-eaters! I swear it was a hit! This shower was such a lovely thing my friends pulled off for us!

The venue we chose for this shower is at The Parenting Emporium. It’s a small store located in New Manila, Q.C., but we love the curation of their products. Since the shower was held there, we decided our registry for this shower to be fully dedicated to their store as well. I was asked by another pregnant friend why we chose The Parenting Emporium as one of our two registries, and here are the reasons why:

1) They curate their products. They only sell products they believe in. There are certain items they don’t carry because they want their store to be a reflection of their values. I am totally digging stores that do that!

2) They support a lot of good, local products. They carry many brands that you don’t see in the traditional baby stores, and they can explain them to you by heart! I love that they give these local brands a chance to thrive, but they ensure quality by carefully curating their list, too. Some of the local products I love from their store are: Sacred Body Wash, Wallaby Transitional Bag (from hospital to diaper bag), Snug-A-Hug Pillow, and several cloth diaper brands.

3) They are good in building and supporting their community. I love that they have a lot of activities for parents and parents-to-be. Just follow them HERE and you’ll find a lot of classes you can take, fundraising activities (yes, another part I love about them – they support a lot of advocacies!), and other community-building events.

Now, the downside is that they only have ONE physical store. Compared to traditional baby stores out there, this may seem like a hassle especially if a couple chooses TPE as a baby registry, but they make up for it by giving you two options to shop online for their products: You can shop by emailing them and asking for the list of the registry. They will email you back with the list, send bank details, and then they can deliver the gift to the baby shower for you. OR you can buy GIFT CERTIFICATES for their store (and many other GC’s actually) through Celebrations Gift List, a cool website that sells gift certificates of many stores in the Philippines! You can check them out HERE. Once purchased, the certificates will either be sent to your place or the one you’ll give the gift to.


Option #2 is what my many of our friends did! The best part is..the gift certificates don’t expire, so I can use them as needed. This is really one downside of making a baby list registry – I honestly felt lost while looking for items because I wasn’t sure how much clothes I needed for example, or if I really needed this or that product. With a non-expiring G.C., I can just go back to the store after my baby is born and buy as I see fit. No waste and pressure here, if you ask me! As of writing, I have not used up a single certificate! Hehe. It’s good to know I have a fund waiting as I see each need for ze baby!

So there. Hope reading this was worth it. And since this is really a labor of love from my friends, I’d like to take time for SPECIAL MENTIONS:

To Mishy aka the girl behind Whiff of Perfume (Her perfumes smell really good, promise! And I’m not saying that just because she’s my friend – try it yourself and you’ll see what I mean): Thank you for organizing this shower for me, Charlie, and Pablo. I really appreciate everything you’ve done (even though you didn’t need to). I love the photos, the video, the food, the cake, the little touches, and all the surprises.

To Lia of Events by Lia: Thank you for using your coordinating skills to put the group together – for your patience in the “Viber Group Chat” (haha), and for always lending Mishy a helping hand. You’re really good at organizing events and we wish you success in this fairly new journey of yours!

To Fudge, thank you as always for being game to host, and making sure all the guests are having fun and feeling comfortable! Tama naman pala, #TitaFudgesCares talaga!

To Sheryl, thank you for styling the event and for doing all that hardwork for our celebration. You really are the queen of creatives!

To Maricel of The Parenting Emporium, thank you for allowing us to hold our baby shower in your store! Thank you also for all the help and useful advice. I’m excited for more conversations with you on motherhood and everything in between!

To Jen, I know you don’t like being mentioned, but I still want to haha. Thank you – you know what for already.

I love you guys!!!

And for the other details…

COORDINATOR: Events By Lia (If you want a super organized party and affordable rates, this is the company for you!)
Facebook: Events by Lia
Instagram: @eventsbylia
Contact: Lia Manalac-Del Castillo

STYLING: Sheryl Songsong (For Styling/ Creative Direction/ Strategies/ Print & Editing needs (she’s a writer and editor), trust me, this is your go-to woman!)
Instagram: @sherylsongsong
Contact: Sheryl Songsong

VENUE: The Parenting Emporium
29 1st St., New Manila
+632-7253723 / +632-7386272 / +63917-5614366
Facebook: The Parenting Emporium
Instagram: @theparentingemporium
Contact: Maricel Cua or Beng Feliciano or Diana

FOOD: The Posh Caterer (An affiliate of N.E. Catering Services | great, affordable food!)
40 Aurora Blvd. cor H. Lozada St., San Juan
+632-5854296/ +632-7269384-85
Contact: Emer Dapitan

PHOTOS AND VIDEO: Tim and Co. Creatives (This guy and his team are really one of the most creative companies in this country. Look up their works on ads and weddings and you’ll see what I mean!)
Facebook: Tim and Co Creatives
Contact: Tim Dela Paz

CAKE: Streetside Bakers (Their cakes aren’t only pretty; they’re actually yummy!)
Facebook: Streetside Bakers
Instagram: @streetsidebakers
Contact: Trina Clemente or Monica Macalinao

MY DRESS: Chicify (It isn’t a maternity dress, but a loose dress and I love how it fit me on my 8th month!) 

I’d also like to give a shoutout to my husband for curling my hair. Yes, I asked him to learn that – and he did via YouTube University. Hahaha! That’s what love + laziness to go to the salon + tipid hits does! I love you, babe! Thank you!!!

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