We had our second (and last) baby shower today! I’d love to share our first one but I’m still waiting for the photos. 🙂

Anyway, this baby shower was prepared by my sister, with the help of our family and friends!

Since my husband and I are birders/birdwatchers, my sister thought of the perfect hashtag: #PabloHatchingSoon! And to go with the theme, she partnered with Flora and Fern Styling Company and Mateo’s Restaurant for a forest + birding baby shower theme.

My niece made the e-invite. When I saw it, I knew she made it because she included by favorite endemic bird: The Philippine Trogon! The invite is so pretty, right?


I love small, intimate parties where we can just talk to everyone and basically have time for everyone. That’s how it was this afternoon, with the bonus of a beautifully-styled venue and great food! Everyone loved the Aglio Olio that was served as well as the quesadillas! Oh, and although I did not eat the chicken dish since I’m vegetarian, guests were saying it was good! Oh, and the desserts were so, so, good, too! Guests were so happy with Mateo’s food that they plan to come back!


I somehow felt like I was about to get married again! It was exciting to see family members and friends we have not seen in a while, and all to celebrate the coming of our little one! It really was a fun afternoon filled with laughter and love!

Just two side stories before I show more photos of today’s shower:

  1. If you look at my sister and I’s outfit — they’re exactly the same! No, we did not talk! And yes, that happens to us A LOOOT. We’ve gone “twinning” by accident so many times and today was no exception. Hahaha! Our dress is from Cole Vintage!
  2. One of the guests, Monica asked if I did my own make-up because she loves how it looked on me. As much as I want to take the credit, the credit goes to @JartBoi of MAC Philippines. I had time before the event and headed to MAC Robinsons Magnolia (which is nearby) for a short makeup session. I love the “fresh, no makeup-make up” look he did on my face. Oh, and my curled hair is courtesy of my husband who learned how to curl my hair through YouTube University. Woohoo!! PS: I’m doing all the pampering I can on this last stretch of my pregnancy! LOL!

Anyway…here are more photos of our shower. Thank you again to all our friends and family who came! We really loved seeing you all! See you all again when Pablo is born!


Special mentions:

-Thank you to my sister for organizing this shower! Really grateful for all your support and help throughout this whole pregnancy! Love you!
-Thank you, Nic, for making our beautiful invitation!
-Thank you, Peralehood Philippine Team (my sister, Nic, Ches) for surprising us with the US Family’s video messages!!! Love it!
-Thank you, Teens, for still helping out even if you’re just really supposed to be a guest! Thank you for always making time for the Peralehood!
-Thank you, Nikki, for your labor of love. The cake you made for the shower is soooo yummy, but more than that, I really appreciate the friendship. We may not always see each other, but you are always present in the most important days of our lives. From our weddings to our showers, your presence is always the best gift you ever give us! Love you!
-Thank you, Love and Jamie of Flora & Fern PH for always helping us out – and for styling this event so beautifully! Thank you Jamie, for not just being a stylist today, but taking the photos, too. Really grateful for our friendship! Love you guys!


  • Venue and Food: Mateo’s Restaurant Cafe (Thank you so much for accommodating us, Lala! Will definitely be back since you already serve vegetarian meals including Vegetarian Paella, woohoooo!!!)
  • Styling: Flora and Fern PH
  • Cake: Nikki Valdez aka Miss Butter Cream (Try it guys! Super yummy! It’s the cake photo on the last collage!)
  • Photos: Jamie and Baby
  • Tropical Throw Pillows: Insta_Mug (See the tropical pillows on the styling collage? They’re from Insta Mug and they were the giveaways for this shower! So pretty, I took some home myself even if everyone was already advising against it since I have soooo many throw pillows – one of my fave things to hoard and collect, hahaha! The design is just soooo me. Hehehe! Thank you, Insta Mug!!!)





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  1. Hi Ms. Paula..Im Liezl Leona of Makati.. I just want to congratulate you!! I really love your Blog. Idol n tlaga kita since Ang TV days hehehe!! You’re an inspiration to me!

  2. Hi Miss Paula! 🙂 I really like your adventures. I’ve been following your IG, it’s like yung dika pa preggy up until now that na ur about to give birth. I just got married and we’re trying to have a baby na. I kind of like everything about your post, your thoughts -captions and taste. parang kami lang ng asawa ko, restless feet din. hehe. I really like your photo shoot sa Baguio.

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