Earlier today, I was invited to a very small and intimate gathering hosted by my friend Patty Laurel and her friends from KnotsAndPans.Com, an online bridal/wedding registry site based in Manila (finally)!

When my husband and I got married in 2013, I was looking for a local registry like this – an online website where I can pick items, have an option to receive cash, and basically make it easy for our guests to see what we really want and/or need as we move in together and start a new life. Sadly, there was nothing like this that was locally available in 2013, so my husband and I had to put up a temporary website for our “registry” (we did not register in any physical store), put up photos and categories of what our guests could gift us (categories like travel | donation to an NGO | some home items), and they could choose where they wanted their money to go.

Couples to-be-wed today are so lucky that a website like KNOTS AND PANS already exists! Basically, you just sign up (no fee for signing up!), add items you covet from their long list of brands or opt for a BRIDAL FUND (learn more about this later – #8), then share your link with your guests! Once they go to the site, they can just search your name and see your list, pick which one they want to give you, checkout and pay! Then your gift gets delivered straight to your registered address! How convenient!!

Now, here’s a rundown of what I love about this website:

  1. CHIC & USER-FRIENDLY WEBSITE: It may sound shallow, but I believe this is important because it adds to the shopper’s experience. Whenever I look at their site, I feel like buying something because their presentation is so pretty and organized! Their interface is user-friendly, too, so I don’t feel lost and overwhelmed.
  2. HELPFUL CURATION PAGE: Let me begin by saying all their products are carefully chosen, but I love that they took a step more by creating collections to help couples (or just shoppers like me who want to buy for myself, lol!) through THIS page. Would you like your new home to have a tropical feel? Are you more into ocean hues? Do you like wood? Through their collections page, you can easily find similar items to help you organize your choices! Still can’t decide? They also offer a personal registry assistant who can help build your registry! Just email with your contact details so they can get in touch with you.
  3. QUALITY PARTNER BRANDS: You can find the list of more than a hundred brands HERE. And they’re not just random brands for the sake of having a long list. They are carefully chosen brands from basic to unique items, and local to global brands that are known for quality and style!
  4. GROUP-GIFT OPTION: Guests can pitch-in for high-value items without paying the full price, and they don’t need to know who they’re splitting the gift with! All the giver has to do is click on that item, choose the value of his/her contribution, and checkout. They also have an option to share that link to common friends and ask those people to chip in, too!
  5. DOORSTEP DELIVERY: Couples no longer have to worry about taking everything home all at once. As gifts are purchased, they are delivered to the registered address (with personalized gift cards from the guests!). Now, if you’re the one giving, it’s such a relief to not have to bring the gift all the way to the wedding venue, especially if the gift you’ve chosen is a heavy and/or bulky one!
  6. GIFT TRACKER FEATURE: With all the physical gifts we received, it was quite hard to remember who gave what even if we read all the gift cards. With the Gift Tracker feature, the couples will see the list of people who gave the items. I think this feature is really cool and important most especially if you plan to send thank-you cards after the wedding!
  7. OVERALL CONVENIENCE: You know how many times, you’re too busy to pass a physical store where the couple registered (or you’re too lazy because of the heavy traffic)? So you end up passing where it’s convenient and guess which item/s the couple might appreciate. In reality, that thinking failed so.many.times. With an online site, you can choose even hours before the wedding (and always opt for #8 if all the items have been taken!). I actually love their #StopWasting campaign – stop wasting gifts by making sure what you give is well thought-of and useful; stop wasting time by doing everything in one click, stop wasting gas and energy when you can get things done at the comfort of your home.
  8. TWO WORDS: BRIDAL FUND: Seriously, this, for me, is their website’s best feature!!! Bridal fund basically means C-A-S-H. Many couples nowadays would really prefer to receive this gift (we definitely preferred this!) but don’t really know how to tell guests without sounding “off”. With a bridal fund, guests can contribute cash by choosing which category they’d like to help you in (honeymoon? home fund such as downpayment/renovation for your new house? wedding needs such as event styling or a bridal car or bridal gown, etc!). This is what we did way back in 2013 – all representations of where we wanted the money to go, but at least our guests knew how their money could really help us with our new life! For this feature, the money goes through the website, they get 6% commission (all registries do!), and they deposit it directly to your registered bank account. BELIEVE ME, I’ll take that small commission anytime over receiving money on the day of your wedding! We’ve experienced it – getting money through the website we put up (which also had fees), and getting money directly on our wedding day – I’d choose the website anytime. Why? Because it’s SAFER. When guests started handing over cash to us, we didn’t know where to put them. I didn’t have a bag with me, we were busy with other things…so we ended up asking someone to keep it for us. It’s a good thing we had someone we could trust with money who helped us, but still, there’s that possibility of him/her losing it while at the party, or someone stealing it. You’ll never know – cause you won’t have time to count how much you’ve gathered during your wedding! Receiving it before or after your wedding through bank deposit is much, much safer!

So, those are my top reasons for loving their website, but there are more features – from discount codes to freebies such as free bridal robe if you receive PHP 10,000 worth of gifts before your wedding day, and free RSVP service + free registry cards! Oh, and one more thing – I think a website is a great avenue for guests who cannot make it on your wedding but would still like to send you a gift (ex: relatives/friends abroad, guests who cancel last-minute, etc!)

I’m really glad I made time for the event today even though I’m already on my 8th month of pregnancy. Not only did I learn more about, I also had a really wonderful afternoon bonding with my sister, friends, and colleagues! It was an intimate gathering where we re-learned the art and heart of gift-giving – of being reminded to be more mindful when giving gifts, and to learn how to give gifts beautifully though a short yet informative gift wrapping workshop. We were taught how to wrap gifts the rustic, bohemian, and classic way!

my final work for today: rustic wrapping style for my sister!


By the way, I’d like to share my take-home piece for today: DeLonghi’s Icona Vintage Toaster! I personally picked this because well, we don’t have a toaster, and yes, because it looks so pretty, but no, it’s not just about it being pretty – DeLonghi is a really good and reliable brand (my sister always talks about their coffee-related products)! I hit the jackpot today by being one of the early birds, because I got to choose before many of the ladies arrived. Hihi! My husband was so happy when I came home that I was not even able to take photos of the unboxing!


Isn’t she lovely? I think we’ll be having more bagels and croissants in ze household soon!

Thank you again, Knots and Pans for this wonderful event (and thank you for sending us photos which I used in my collage here)! Also, thank goodness there’s a SHOP FOR MYSELF feature, because really, I would like to shop for myself, or maybe I’d register as “a couple” and ask my family and friends to take check it out for Christmas, LOL!

PS: Here are some of my questions to the owners that might also be helpful to you! Thank you for entertaining my Q’s, Joanna!

  1. Is the service for delivery available nationwide? Not yet. Right now, Knots and Pans only caters to the National Capital Region, BUT, couples anywhere in the country can opt for the BRIDAL FUND feature.
  2. Can couples exchange the items after purchase has been made should they change their minds? If it’s a KNOTS AND PANS brand, they can work around it, but if it’s another brand, as of now, it’s not possible.
  3. Are your items more expensive than SRP? Most of the items are based on SRP, but they also have items that are actually sold for less! Yey!
  4. How is the redundancy of gifts avoided? Once the item on the couple’s list is purchased, that item is taken down from their registry. (Awesome!)
  5. What are your payment options? Credit card, Online Banking, Over-The-Counter Transactions

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