If your husband’s strength is humor, I tell ya, he’s a keeper!


August 2016

So, I asked my husband to PLEAAAAASE do some spring cleaning because believe it or not, he has more clothes than I do (PS: He has a LOOOOT of shirts but ends up using the same shirts because he only gets the ones on top – the newly laundered ones, haha!)

I was asking him to do that to make space for our son (you know, he’s arriving in a few months time!).

In case you’re wondering why I didn’t just clean my closet, well, I also did, AND, I always do.

So anyway, he did….A boxful of shirts, yey!!!

The best part though was that last night, he was wearing a gutay-gutay shirt-turned-sando (“gutay-gutay” is a Filipino term which basically means torn. The shirt he was wearing was not only torn, but overly worn out – the type that’s so thin already!)

So, here’s how our conversation went:

ME: Okay…why didn’t you put that in your “spring cleaning bin”? Seriously, whyyyyyy??

HIM: Babe, DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK FOR THIS SHIRT TO BECOME LIKE THIS??? Throwing it means I would have wasted all those years.

Okay, good answer, husband. I admit, I had no rebuttal for this. 😀

Husband: 1 | Wife: 0

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