My sister asked me again recently, “Don’t you really want to blog?”

“I find Instagram a lot easier.”, I said. “I can upload anywhere, anytime, and I can do away with short or long posts. And I don’t have to transfer photos and all that.”

“Okay…I’m just worried, cause you’ll be a mom now. And someday, Instagram might be gone (for good). With a blog, you get to keep a diary of your motherhood.”

My sister had definitely got me thinking. Obviously, what she said made so much sense to me that here I am, now with a blog, solely for my tales of all things “mommy”.

Wait, let me rephrase: I do have a blog, but  it’s one I don’t update that regularly. With the little one coming though, I do hope I can really devote time to doing this, not only because I want to share my experiences and what I learn; but because someday, I know it would be fun to go back and read everything about this journey. Oh and yeah, re-read my own tips and all should I have baby #2.

Eversince I found out I was pregnant, the learner (one of my 5 strengths from Strengths Finder!) in me just couldn’t stop reading up on mommy-related things: from what to expect during pregnancy to birthing options to tadaaaa, the kind of learning method I would want for my child (and where I would probably send him to school, haha!). Some people think I’m being too excited and (probably) taking it too far, but you see, I am loving every minute of this. I love learning, and each time I read up on how our bodies work, or how our minds work, I am all the more amazed. Also, I think the pregnant women of today are so lucky, for we are surrounded with information everywhere – from books to online articles and blogs to videos (TV, DVD, and online) to friends and strangers that become friends through different mommy communities. Even if we don’t want to, information comes our way, so I don’t see a reason why I should not take advantage of them. The upside I see in this is that today, we are given enough resources to make informed choices. Will we breastfeed or feed formula? Will we go for direct feeding or pump our milk? Will we go epidural right away or try birthing techniques such as hypnobirthing? Will we make our babies sleep through the night or feed them on demand? There really is no absolutely right or absolutely wrong answer to these questions, but you can make better decisions if you are well-informed.

Everyone says Motherhood is a job; and I would not disagree at all. It is, in reality, a 24/7 job that pays nothing but hugs and kisses (and lots of learnings and downfalls along the way), but it is a responsibility that begins the moment you conceive your little one, and there is no turning back to this lifetime commitment. The only way to be successful in it, is to surrender to it and embrace it fully.

It took us almost a year of trying before our son arrived – that waiting plus his time in my womb should be good enough for me to start preparing. Now I know why pregnancy takes a long time – you are really given time to prepare!

I know children do not come with specific instructions (books really help, though, then experiences after!), but for me, it’s simple, really: if I can prepare so much for a job in the working field, why shouldn’t I do the same for what I feel is my most important job in this lifetime? If I can devote so much of my time researching for our travels or our DIY projects, what stops me from doing the same (or more) for my child? My sister was right when she said we’re really sisters: we make a ‘course’ out of everything – pregnancy and birthing included! I must say, she is absolutely right. I feel like I’m in college all over again! We all have our ways of dealing with pregnancy and motherhood; this is how I choose to deal with mine; but at the end of the day, I know all of us just want the same thing: to be a mother our child deserves.

So there. Welcome to this blog. You are free to join me as I try my hand at motherhood. I have a looooong way to go, a roadtrip that will never last until the day I pass. It may be scary and at times, a good enough reason for me to panic, but believe me when I say that I really look forward to it! Here’s to my adventure of a lifetime! Wish me lots of luck!

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